Monday, June 24, 2019

The Summer Crazies- and how to keep them away.

 Summer time is in full swing, even though Colorado has decided to still be chilly. We are at the perfect age for the wonderful phrase "Mom, I'm bored." I really thought that I had more time with that. I expected it to start maybe around age 6? I don't know. With that I'm trying really hard to combat bored-ness. With being the head of entertainment for my cult (what I call all these kids) it's sometimes really hard to plan activities while also not losing my shit. Being patient is hard some days, and it's like that for every parent. Sometimes hearing "I'm hungry" 84 times a minute really makes you lose your mind. Alternate between, "I'm bored" and "I'm hungry" and you're sure to go insane.
 I don't have this down to a science, so consider this a rough draft of how I'm combating the summer crazies.

Buy memberships to things-  The zoo, the museum, the water park, anything that makes going on a day to day basis cheaper. An annual pass to our zoo is $165 for up to 7 people. Tickets for one day use are $20 for adults, and $14 for kids. If you bring some friends along, it pays for it self. Also packing a lunch, and water will save you tons too! If we buy a punch card to the pool we save money too.
ABCMouse- Look, I know screen time, blah blah blah... but ABCMouse is a game changer, life saver, and a quiet time hero. Everything on there is safe, and educational. Tater is currently working on sight words, at age 4. He loves the learning path, and the songs. I can set him up at the table during nap time, and he stays quiet enough for the baby to nap, and he learns something. It's a win/win.

Popsicles. Popsicles. Popsicles. There is no shame in my Popsicle game right now. I'm 100% sure that these kids are living on Popsicles currently. I'm really cautious about how much sugar Tater has, because he's a wild man. So finding all natural, low sugar Popsicles was really important. We LOVE the Outshine Popsicles. They don't have refined syrup or corn syrup in them like most do, which makes me feel better about to the 10 gram sugar count in the strawberry Popsicles. Plus the lime ones give me life. We also make our own Popsicles as a fun activity.

Library Story time- I think this is the most underrated summer thing. Story time is FREE, and interaction with other kids. Yes, it's a Mom's worst nightmare, and it's loud but an hour of reading, singing, and playing that I don't have to conduct is super nice. We live in a small town, but sometimes go into "Town Town" to the bigger library. We really love our little library though. The kids are usually the same, and we love the person who reads. Shout out to you, Chelsea. There is usually a craft too, which means I don't have to clean paint or foam off of my carpets.                         

Local events- My children live for the Farmer's Market. I'm not sure where these kids got that habit from, but I'll take it. Our local farmer's market always has the fire trucks out for the kids. You can Google farmer's markets in your city, and you can find them almost everyday of the week. Farmer's Markets are usually free to enter, and you can use them as teaching opportunity, if you're one of those parents that has it together.

Splash pads- Where in the actual hell were splash pads when I was a kid? They are free, small/big kid friendly parks with water fountains, and my kids go bananas for them. It's like the end all, be all of our summer activities. We pack a lunch, and a blanket. The boys go wild, and I can sometimes sneak in article, or read a book. It's also really nice when we bring our friends along because I get some Mom socialization and the boys play with their friends.
The at home splash pad. We bought some silly, cheap sprinkler sets and a baby pool for the boys when I don't feel like driving 45 minutes. We also have a Paw Patrol Water Table that the boys love. They even have these weird, squishy water blob pads too. I recommend shopping on Amazon, because they are so much cheaper there.

Last but not least, good old fashion letting the kids play out in the backyard-When Tater really gets on a whole new level, I get to open the door and let him roam the fenced in yard. I watch him from the deck, or from the kitchen window so I can get some dishes done. The baby usually hangs out in the kitchen with me or I let him play on the deck, we have a gate, don't panic.  Plus like, it supports independence and stuff. Yeah parenting science!

 We are all just trying to survive summer vacation. I hope these give you some ideas to keep your sanity.
Stay safe and hydrated Moms.

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