Thursday, May 23, 2019

Anxiety, Mental Health Awareness Month

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and if you don't follow me on Instagram, or Facebook you're missing out on some great content. I'll add links to social media below.
 Today I want to talk about anxiety, because I deal with it a lot. I've been anxious my whole life, but wasn't made aware of that until I got a great therapist that made me dig in deeper to my past. One of the biggest ways my anxiety manifests is through humor. I try really hard to disguise my hurt, fear, and anxiety with jokes. In fact some of my best writing has come from a place of anxiety. I would say that it's a gift, but it's not. I mean, it's a gift to you all because I'm pretty funny.
 During an anxiety attack a lot can happen. I've experienced a wide range of symptoms with my anxiety attacks including; my face, hands, arms, and legs going completely numb. Chest pains that mimic a heart attack. Pins and needles all over my body, short breath, crying, shaking, tremors in the hands, jaw, and feet. I've thrown up, gotten acid reflux, and just emotionally shut down. Hot flashes, cold spells, and my anxiety has kept me up all night long. I've lost myself, my feeling of security, and been spun into a place of worthlessness. These are only a small touch of the things that can happen in a state of panic, and that sucks. Everyone's symptoms are so different, and complex.
 I've tried multiple daily medications, rescue meds, therapy, meditation, grounding techniques, music therapy, aroma therapy, vitamins, exercise, natural supplements, essential oils, CBD, THC(Weed is legal in my state), I cut out drinking, I added more omegas, and all in all... nothing fixed it. Things helped, CBD helps the day to day nervous feelings. I can sometimes redirect my panic attacks with healing techniques from my therapist. But nothing has fixed the anxiety. It sometimes terrifies me to think that I'll live the rest of my life struggling to not feel anxious. My own anxiety gives me anxiety, what a concept. 
                                    I have anxiety, but it doesn't get to define who I am.
 If someone you love is struggling with anxiety, the best thing you can do is offer love, and support. If your friend cancels on you for dinner know that it's nothing you did, but that anxiety might be plaguing them to stay home. Offer a safe place to vent, but don't be pushy. Know the anxious people in your life love you, but they hurt sometimes.
 You can read about anxiety facts HERE. Above is just my experience with anxiety, yours could be a lot different. If you are struggling with anxiety and need help, please reach out to a mental health professional. Websites like TalkSpace and Better Help are incredible, at home resources.
        You are loved. You are worthy of that love. You are important.

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  1. Thank you for speaking up about anxiety and helping to extinguish the stigma. From one anxious mama to the next, I appreciate you sharing your story!