Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tears of Motherhood

   There are so many articles and Facebook posts about what us 'seasoned veterans' have to say to new Moms. What advice do we have? We always have a lot, that's for sure. There is no pack like the one of Motherhood. Within minutes Mom's across the globe comment their best advice. We talk about post birth comforts, and newborn sleep tips. Product after product is recommended, or ripped apart. We talk about visitors and how healing goes. Lately my favorite bit of advice is this;
                                  You're going to cry, a lot and it's okay.
 You're going to cry when you see that little face for the first time. Your first truly sleepless night, you'll sob. You'll cry when you feel happy, overwhelmed, and sad. You'll cry when they grow out of that outfit they came home in. You'll cry if you forget about dinner, or laundry, or something else so small. You'll cry when you're feeling isolated. You'll cry when you aren't sure if you were cut out for this, but I promise you Mama- you were.
 The tears will come when they smile, walk, laugh, speak and sing for the first time. Their first real friendship will melt your heart, and send those tears through. Those tears don't stop as they get bigger, or as the hormones level out, they still find you.
 You'll cry in the car after dropping them off for their first day of school, you'll cry when you think about their last. You'll cry at the art shows, the concerts, the speeches, all of it. As they get older they'll roll their eyes. "Mom's crying AGAIN." It's apart of who you are.
 You'll cry when someone breaks their heart for the first time. You'll cry when they let you in, and when they keep you out. Sometimes you're going to cry for no reason. You'll cry at a movie, or show that never made you cry before.
 It seems crazy. I was never a "crier" until I had my kids, and it's like that for my friends too. Something about being a Mom makes you softer, and it's beautiful. Embrace those tears however, and whenever they flow. Hold onto the moments that are so beautiful that it brings you to tears, and learn from the tears that fall out of hurt.
 You're going to cry Mama, and that's okay.

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