Monday, March 11, 2019

MHM: Post Therapy Reset

  Happy Monday! I mean that. I'm really trying harder to start my mornings on a positive note. I think it sets the tone for the whole day. If I start off crabby, I stay crabby. Instead I've been waking up and watching the sunrise with my coffee. I take a few moments to throw some positivity and shit into the universe. Sometimes I just stand there silently. It's really made my mornings.
 It's Mental Health Monday, the new series that I'm doing! Last week we talked about little self cares. This week I want to talk about therapy recovery and the power of music. I've recently been doing a new type of therapy on top of the traditional talk therapy. I'm doing EDMR therapy which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. With the use of a board, lights, vibration and sounds I am correctly processing traumas that have had an effect on me my whole life.The science behind it is truly fascinating. I won't go into that because I'm not a scientist, but you can read more HERE. It's pretty exhausting, but so worth it. Since beginning I'm starting to feel whole for the first time in my life. It's like a hardcore boxing class for the brain, but every session I'm getting stronger. 
 The first few weeks of EDMR were really hard to recover from. I felt hungover, almost. I take an hour after therapy every Tuesday to unwind, and truly process what I just processed. I breathe, affirm, and relax. Sometimes this means sitting in my car sobbing, sometimes it means walking around Target, and sometimes it's a fun combination of those things. After about week 3 I decided that I needed a cool down routine, and what better way to start then with a playlist. 
 I have a playlist on my phone for just about every situation in my life. We have the beloved car playlist, the kids list, that includes 804 varieties of Baby Shark... A workout playlist, you know standard fare. So why would I not have a Post Therapy Cool Down Jamz (with a z) playlist?  I very carefully put this together. A lot of thought went into what I needed for this. There is one song that I always listened to post therapy anyways so that was the top of my list. Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves is honestly one of the BEST songs of the century. It's beautiful, and empowering... while also being a great "I need to fucking cry" song. From there I listened to all of my songs, I thought about what I needed after therapy. I have two different types of therapy days, one day I leave feeling refreshed, and others I leave feeling hungover, sad, and lost. I needed a playlist that lifted me up on both of those days. 
 I never knew that song order on a playlist would be so crucial. This was my make or break routine on the line. This wasn't just a one afternoon ordeal. This was some sort of music science experiment. After 3 weeks I finally had the list.  So without any more rambling, here it is. 
Post Therapy Playlist
Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves
Breathe Me by Sia
GIRL by Maren Morris
Oh, What a World by Kacey Musgraves
Don't Panic by Coldplay
Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne
Save Myself by Ed Sheeran
Everything's Not Lost by Coldplay
Fearless by Taylor Swift
Stubborn Love by The Lumineers
Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves
Cup of Tea by Kacey Musgraves
Move On by Mike Posner

I don't shuffle this playlist, this is the order that leaves me feeling energized, and lifted. Regardless of the type of therapy day I have, this playlist helps me regroup and move on.  I know there is a lot of Kacey Musgraves, but she's a badass. This is just an example of what works for me, and it's going to take some time to figure what your perfect post therapy playlist is. For those of you with Apple Music you can get my playlist HERE!
 I'd love to hear what your post therapy rituals are! Share them over on twitter and Instagram! @Lifewithtaters

 Things that make me happy this week!
 Watching the sunrise from my front porch every morning is the best thing.
 Therapy! I'm really thankful for therapy. 
 The show Chuck, and the absolute eyeball delight that is Zachary Levi.

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