Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Rural Surprise

It's 2019! Holy shirt! (yes I said shirt, instead of shit. Tater keeps saying 'Ah Shit!' so I gotta get my shirt together.) Another year has come and gone, and some of you are still reading my blog! That's pretty cool. Normally I would be thinking about my resolutions for this year. I'd make a list on pretty paper, and try really hard to make my handwriting look good. I'd re-write the list multiple times, and then post a picture on Instagram about.
 I'm saying Fuck it! this year. I'm not doing a resolution. My therapist said something to me that really stuck. 
  "New Years resolutions are stupid. You don't need a new year to do things for you."
I've made a lot of growth with the help of my therapist, so I took this to heart. I don't need a list of resolutions to make me feel important and fulfilled. I told the Squatch that I was saying fuck it to resolutions, he thought that was a great idea. We have a lot of big changes happening in the next few weeks, and the last thing we need is the societal obligation to lose weight, be more positive, or drink more water. (But seriously everyone drink some damn water.)
 Instead of posting my resolutions I'm going to tell you what you should expect from me, and my blog this year. Like I said before, we have big changes coming. The biggest thing being; we are abandoning our suburban home where everything is a 5 minute drive away to move to a fixer upper out in the country. We've talked about wanting more space for a while. When most people talk about wanting more space, they mean house size. We were the exact opposite. We wanted more outdoor space. I wanted a garden, Squatch wanted a place to do manly things. We wanted a swing set for our boys, and to not hear our neighbors sneeze from inside our home. We love where we live now, but we have the smallest yard possible, and the house are packed in together. We were *kind of* looking at new houses and this one called us both. The moment we saw it, we knew. It was an overwhelming sense of peace the moment we walked through the door. This was our project forever home. 
 The was turned into an is when we put an offer in and they accepted. We've spent the last few weeks preparing for the move of a lifetime. This will be our final move for at least 2 decades. The closer we get, the more excited we are. The charm of our new town is calling out to us, just like our new home.                                   Everything as fallen into place effortlessly.  
  As we start this journey I will be doing some DIY blog posts, because we are doing all of the renovations ourselves. I know, we're insane. I'm going to share every detail of how we change this home into our own. I can't wait for this new part of the blog to take life. We will be starting small and working our way up. 
 As for the rest of what to expect from me, it will be business as usual. I'd like to lose the 30 pounds of depression weight I've packed on, so I'll talk about that too. Here's to 2019.

 Thank you all so much for supporting me, this blog, and my book. This journey is still so unreal. When I started this blog almost 4 years ago I never really knew what it was going to become. You all are amazing.
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