Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nobody F#&@ing Told Me

 I've been quiet lately, because I've been doing things...
                                                         I wrote a mother fu*king book.

I've never held back my thoughts with you all. I've been really open and honest about my ever evolving journey through Motherhood. I've remained uncensored and raw, even when it including hate mail. This is my mess, and I'm so lucky that so many of you follow along on this journey. Every single blog view has made this dream real. I fucking love you guys.
 I've worked on this book for almost 3 years now. I was in contact with a publisher who really didn't communicate with me, so I moved on and the best thing happened. Just when I'd given up on my dream of being an author, a beam of light arrived.
 A fellow former Warrior Mom published her book (Buy it HERE.) So I reached out asking who she ended up with. It was a small publisher who's focus has been on mental health. These are my people. The ENTIRE team at Eliezer Tristan Publishing is incredible. They have loved my work, and held my anxious hand through the whole thing. Sarah Fader,  creator of Stigma Fighters, and CEO of ETP has really created something so personal, and beautiful. My entire team is the dream team. Special thanks to ALL the staff at ETP including Sparklle, Aaron, Sarah C, Wendy, and Mariah. Seriously you've changed my life. I can't wait for what's next.
        You can read more about my publisher at http://www.eliezerpublishing.org

 My paperback book is available TODAY on Amazon! I will release more info in a few weeks about where/when you can buy it in stores! Go buy it HERE If you are a blogger and would like to be apart of our blog book tour please send me an email at sammie@lifewithtaters.com

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