Monday, June 4, 2018

Life with Taters

Well. Things in my life have drastically changed... We welcomed our sweet second baby 8 weeks ago and our life is crazy! A toddler and a baby are basically a super cell storm that turns the whole town upside down. Everything is chaotic, but in the end (and from a distance) it's beautiful. I never imagined myself as a Mom, but now I have two perfect boys who rock my freakin' world.
 Sasquatch (B) and I sat down last week and talked how deeply our lives have changed from a year ago. It's not just our schedules, or the number of car seats in my Mom wagon. We have changed as a unit, our health has changed, and the way we live this beautiful life has changed so much.
   I started my first blog Raising Tater (singular) as a way to heal my mental health. The writing I did with that name was always raw and my perspective on Motherhood. Being knee deep with postpartum depression really changed my writing style, and perspective. I added the 'S' to Raising Taters because I knew that some day we would try for another baby... Little did I know we'd be gifted another crotch fruit so soon. Our life was 100% different then. We had changed our lifestyle, started eating better and taking care of ourselves. I became one of those Instagram people that posts way too many pictures of my food, but the messages poured in. People wanted my help with their journey to be a healthier, or to deal with mental health. Then the pregnancy came and I had more messages for help. I had people tell me that they wish I did more of "this" and "that" instead of just "Mommy Things."
                                           SO, I'm listening.
 Things really have changed so why not change this space too. My goal for here is no longer just appealing to parents, but to anyone who needs a laugh, or realistic help reaching a weight loss goal. My writing will always be real with you. I've let you all into my most intimate thoughts already so that won't change. My sassy will always be apart of who I am. Shit is going to be real, and messy (slightly sticky but that's besides the point) just like the life that I'm insanely lucky to live. Things are changing and I'm so insanely happy you're all here to watch things change with me. Over the next few weeks (I know that's a long time but life with two kids is freakin' busy) I will be updating, and rearranging the blog. New content is coming. I'm so excited to share this life with you all.

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