Monday, January 8, 2018


  Holy cow. I am well over half way through this second pregnancy. It's unbelievable how insanely fast #2 goes. I know that logically it's all the same time frame, but I've blinked and I'm in my final 100 days of pregnancy. There is so much that I completely blocked out of my mind from Tater's pregnancy. Everyday something new happens and I'll say to the Sasquatch "This never happened with Tater!" He usually laughs at me and tells me that yes it did happen, and it happened a lot. I don't ever remember having HORRIBLE gas last go around, but dear god this time.... I'll spare you the gruesome details.
 Things are different this go around. I started this pregnancy at a healthier weight, and with a healthier mind. I'm definitely not taking the old "eating for two" myth seriously. I'm also managing my weight gain and diet. I don't worry about every little pain, pull, nudge, and bump. The new Mom paranoia is gone, and replaced with a some what relaxed attitude. B isn't gaining sympathy weight either, nor does he rush out in the middle of the night for my cravings. Dude made me go get my own Grape Nuts last week, which were not worth it, by the way. Overall this go around is so much easier, I really don't have MUCH to complain about but there are a few things I wish I could change.
 1)Being anemic is a bitch. Did you know when you take Iron supplements there is a chance your poop will turn black? Yeah I didn't know that until it happened... That was a really fun Google search.
2)Sciatic nerve pain can actually suck my asshole.
3) Why don't more places have expectant mother parking? I'm creating life universe, cater to me damnit.

                                 Other than those 3 things, I can't complain. 
 Looking back on how my first pregnancy was, and all the things I didn't know, I thought I would make a list of helpful products for the expecting Mama. These are things that I'm absolutely using this go around too. Really this post is just a smorgisboard of ranting, knowledge, and way too much information about my bowels. 
 First trimester was a carb shit show, and I won't lie to you, some days it still is. Sometimes the power of cheese fries totally overcomes my want to not gain weight. BUT I'm trying really hard. Being low carb and pregnant isn't impossible, and sometimes it's second nature. Now that I'm not nauseous 100% of the time I can tolerate all of my favorites. The biggest thing to low carb success is keeping it super simple, I've said that not pregnant. Being a vessel for life, raising a Tater, trying to keep up with housework AND making fancy low carb meals just isn't happening. So we eat simple, delicious meals and it's awesome! I don't struggle like I used to come up with meals. I just throw some shit together and BAM! Dinner is served. 
  Halo Top Ice Cream has been a GOD SEND. The waffle flavor has actually changed my life. Cheese is a major staple. per usual too. I bought size 10 maternity jeans and I firmly believe that is because of the low carb diet I'm trying to stick too! 
 Let's chat about helpful things for a minute, before I sign off~
                                        Products for MAMA! I'll include links too.
 I struggle with dry skin in general, but during pregnancy I turn into this scale-y lizard person. With having a previous pregnancy, and a 70 pound weight loss under my belt, I was pretty worried about my dry skin making my stretch marks worse this go around. I LOVE Palmer's lotion, all of it. The Mama butter is no exception to that rule. It's affordable, smells like love, and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.  I use the kind in the pump bottle. You can grab it at Target, or from Amazon HERE.  Typically I put on right before bed every night, and after I shower. I've even been using it on my arms because I love the smell. 
                    Image result for palmers belly butter
 My body needs some extra support these days, probably because having a 3 year old boy is rapidly aging me. I had to buy a really sexy maternity support band. Now ladies, be careful wearing these because they absolutely will bring all the boys to your yard. The support belt makes it so my vagina doesn't feel like it's totally going to fall out. I only feel minimal "fallage." You can buy the one I got HERE. Read reviews, and talk with your Doctor too. 
                               Image result for pregnancy support belt
 Finally the last thing that I can't live without right now is epsom salts. Soaking totally helps with the general aches and pains of pregnancy! I buy mine at Target, and it comes with lavender essential oil in it. PRO TIP! Add shavings of fresh ginger into your bath for extra relief! 

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