Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Surprise! The S is plural!

 A few months back I changed the name of this festive little blog to Raising Taters. S- as in plural Taters. At the time there were not plural Taters, but now there is! We have another sweet (and sassy) little boy on the way!
 If you follow me on social media, you know all of this, but I waited to post it to the blog for quite a few reasons. 1) I completely forgot that I didn't blog about it.
                     2) I wanted to get to viability.
 If you don't know what viability it is, it's when the baby can survive outside of the womb. We are there so I'm sharing! Tater could actually careless about being a big brother. He knows there is a baby in Mom's belly, but let's be real... He has absolutely no idea that a shit storm is coming. So far I'm feeling great, other than the usual pregnancy symptoms. First trimester sucked, I think that's a given. The nausea was random, yet endless. Zofran made the nausea stop, but the constipation came full blast... or not blast. The migraines followed.   I think when you have a baby you completely black out the first trimester, because I don't remember the symptoms being that bad. That's probably why we have more kids, honestly.
 The second trimester eased the nausea, but brought heartburn in it's place. Followed by aching joints, smell aversions, and swollen feet. Nothing extreme, but still not the perfect pregnancy we all dream of! Root vegetable #2 is healthy, and growing on track! He is set to make his appearance in the Spring, and we are terrified. I mean excited. I promise to update more on this pregnancy as we get further along!
  I am also working on a series for low carb pregnancy so stay tuned!

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