Monday, October 9, 2017

KETO Sweets featuring KetoBrownie!

 It’s been 9 months since the beginning of my ketogenic journey. I’ve been so fortunate to find the best support in the world. The Ketogenic community is one like any other. I’ve been able to share stories, connect with others, and relate to the struggles that come with kicking sugar.
  Sweets were/are the hardest thing for me to kick. I love sweets, but what reformed carb addict doesn’t? Sure there are “cheater” keto sweets, but often the calories are totally empty. Wasting calories sucks, well it does when you’re counting them. Protein bars from Kirkland are great, but really weren’t hitting my sweet craving. Plus the texture kind of freaked me out. It was like chewing gum.  
 I had given up when something glorious happened… I saw a post on Instagram about a new product called “Keto Brownie.” Now at first I was just as skeptical as all of you. I don’t like being disappointed. The second I tried the Keto Brownie angels sung. The product has no sugar alcohols, which means no bad stomach reactions. It’s not like a traditional brownie but I loved every morsel of it! The decadent hint of almond changed  me, and added a depth of flavor. The texture was chewy, but not offensive. The flavor is absolutely perfect, not too sweet but gets the sweet tooth satisfied. The Keto Brownie almost reminds me of the cookie that's on the outside of ice cream sandwiches.
 With my new found love I decided to make a few dessert type dishes with the Keto Brownie. Two of my favorite desserts are Trifles, and ice cream sandwiches. Keto Brownie is the PERFECT brownie for this.

 If you don’t know what a triffle is, it’s a layered dessert with a cake/brownie/cookie stacked with a whipped topping. Almost like a dessert lasagna, but served in a pretty glass bowl. They’re perfect to make individual dessert cups for a party! I usually make them for when we have BBQ’s and other events. The simplicity and deliciousness speaks for it self.
 The first step to making a killer trifle is the whipped cream. I’m 100% a whipped cream snob. You can use store bought, but there really is nothing like fresh, homemade goodness. 
  Start with 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream. The fresher the better. Pour the heavy cream into a bowl. I use 5 packets of stevia, because I’m lazy and buy the packets. Begin whipping the cream with the mixer. Add the stevia one packet, or one teaspoon at a time. Then pour in a teaspoon of almond extract. 
Whip at a medium/high speed. Watch the texture of the cream.
I like to add a teaspoon of almond extract, instead of the traditional vanilla. The almond flavor in the whipped cream compliments the brownie well. When soft peaks have formed in the whipped cream stop mixing. Cover the bowl and set it in the fridge. 
 Grab two small glass jars, or clear glass bowls. One Keto Brownie will make two mini trifles. Unwrap the brownie, and grab a knife. You’re going to cut it in half like you would cut a bagel. Now you have two thin, full length bars.

    I like to cut each half into 8 pieces. Set 3 pieces at the bottom of each cup. Grab your whipped cream and dollop a good amount on top of the brownie. Then place 3 more pieces on top of the whipped cream, and repeat the whipped cream. The last two pieces I like to crumble, and place on top! If you’re feeling extra fancy add a few strawberry slices on top for the perfect low carb dessert!


I love ice cream sandwiches. LOVE them. It’s been hard to give them up but I’m so happy I found an alternative. 
 You’re going to start with cutting the Keto Brownie in half like a bagel again. Grab a sheet of parchment paper and roll out the two halves so they’re thinner! This will make it the PERFECT ice cream sandwich texture. 

 I use Halo Top as my ice cream of choice, but you can use any low carb ice cream. For this test batch I used Halo Top’s Oatmeal cookie. I can’t get enough of it lately! I took 1 1/2 servings of Halo Top and let it soften. This took about 25 minutes of being on my counter. On the parchment paper, liberally spread the soft ice cream on top of the Brownie halves. Stack the halves like a traditional ice cream sandwich. Wrap in parchment paper, and chill for 30 minutes before serving. 

Overall, the KetoBrownie is the most versital, tasty product that I've tried in a while! I can't wait for them to expand! You can order yours HERE! Go support this growing business!

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