Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lube in the coffee.

  I have been trying to lose weight since 5th grade. Yep, you read that right. Fifth Grade... I read all the Seventeen magazine clips on how to get skinny. In high school I "tried" but failed. As an adult I would yo-yo. I would lose some, gain it back plus some. After I had Tater I balloned out. I tried every MLM for weight loss. I tried It works (just a tip, it doesn't work,) I tried Thrive which worked for a little bit, and then it stopped working so I gave up. I tried working out, but eating healthy was my down fall. I always felt so deprived... I craved potatoes and pasta. I gave in every time I wanted something.
  In December B came to me with this idea. We were both the heaviest we had ever been, it was affecting us mentally, and physically. He found this "diet" called Keto. There was a whole subreddit about and the results were incredible. People were losing hundreds of pounds, and some of them weren't even exercising. I was so hesitant on starting, because diets NEVER worked for us before. I started reading on what we would need to eat and I didn't believe it. There was no way we would lose weight eating butter, bacon, and cheese.
 So what is keto? Keto refers to the Ketogenic diet where your body produces ketones.
This is an insert from the Keto Subreddit. I did NOT write this next part:

1. What Does Keto Do to My Body?

Ketosis, to put it simply, is the state in which you burn fat for fuel. The human body isn’t stupid, it will burn what it has in most abundance that yields the most energy for its volume. Carbs (some) burn up quick but are packed with INTENSE fuel that yield large bursts of energy. Compare this to an energy drink that a lot of modern culture seems to adore. Fat and protein burn slowly and allow a steady stream of energy; your energy levels won’t soon crash because your body can’t get rid of it near as fast as carbohydrates.
Ketosis also helps regulate your blood without complications. Involving complex carbs into your diet causes your body to heighten your blood sugar and as a result produce insulin. This stuff is nasty in large amounts; consider it to be your blood’s very own personal, fat-kicking police force. High blood sugar is interpreted as TOXIC by your body, so the insulin regulates your blood to cleanse it. Soon, though, your body starts struggling to keep up; when you take high amounts of carbs (sugar) and the insulin cant keep up....your body converts sugar to fat and insulin stores it in cells. Your body is capable of regulating your blood sugar on its own without help when you aren’t mainlining so much sucrose. Ketogenic diets avoid such problems!
“But what about heart disease and cholesterol? I DON’T WANNA DIE; BACON ISN’T WORTH IT!”
There is no evidence linking ANY bad cholesterol or heart disease with animal fat. Early human beings ate more than FIVE TIMES the modern recommended intake of animal fat and protein; do not worry about high ANYTHING while on Keto other than energy levels.

  We did our research and dived in head first. The first morning I tried bulletproof coffee, which has butter, coconut oil and coffee blended together. My Paula Dean dreams came true when I put BUTTER in my coffee. It is so creamy, so perfect. I made B's while he watched with a strange face.
"Why are you putting lube in the coffee?" He said. I laughed so hard. This was our life now. (Coconut oil is a really killer natural lubricant. This was the coconut oil I cook with though so there was no Weiner cross contamination. Sorry if you read this Dad...) Our first morning was a success.  Bulletproof coffee was perfectly married with bacon and eggs. Dinner on the other hand was kind of a fail. I made stuffed peppers with cauliflower and ground beef. I was so focused on low calorie food that I forgot we needed high fat. We were both starving, and hateful towards cauliflower. I wasn't going to let this fail us so I turned to Pinterest. My old, frenemy.
 I looked at recipe after recipe, and made a game plan. The first two weeks sucked, I'm not going to lie. My body was so used to carbs that I was withdrawing like a drug addict. I got a rash, a headache and the shakes at time. I craved sugar like I never had before. I wanted my fix but I powered through. As time went on I got better at adapting my recipes to being low carb, and we tried new things. We still hate cauliflower though.... Week 3 came around and I was craving less. I adjusted my calorie intake to create a deficit and powered through. As time went one we figured out what we liked, and what we didn't. We learned a lot about our bodies, and our willpower. We kept each other honest. We struggled, slipped up, and failed some days. Four weeks in we finally decided to step on the scale. I was 25 pounds down. I was in a different sized pant, plus my confidence when I saw that number sky rocketed. The number didn't matter, what mattered is that something was working for me, for us. We weren't starving, we didn't hate what we were eating and we were happy. I'm talking balls to the wall happy. Our energy had returned, plus we actually had the time to make for one another. This has been so much more than changing the way we eat. This has been changing the way we live, and love. The power of food really is incredible.

  Flash forward to today. We've (B and myself) lost 110 pounds together. I still have about 35 pounds of fat loss to go. I went from a size 22, 2X shirt to a size 14- size medium/large shirt. I can shop in the ladies section for the first time in years. I can share clothes with my sister in law. It's amazing what weight loss does to your spirit.
  HERE is a direct link to where we got started.
 HERE is my progress.
If any of you want help getting started I would be happy to guide you in the ways of the keto. You can follow me on Instagram @Raisingtaters where you'll see food, and my results!

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