Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Squirrels, Target, and Abandoned Coffee

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I have 500 things to do so I'm going to do them all 15 seconds at a time. 
 I swear having little humans gives you a mild form of A.D.D. Today is a really perfect representation of that. It began this morning when I went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I set my cup under the Keurig and decided I needed to put away some dishes. I put away the dishes, and then got dressed. Halfway through getting dressed I remembered I didn't have my contacts. Instead of putting on a shirt, I walked to the bathroom and threw in the magic circles that let me see. Then I saw my foundation and put the liquid on before remembering I needed a shirt. I walked to the bedroom, threw on a shirt, and went downstairs because "Oh yeah, coffee."
 I wandered downstairs, to realize the K-Cup box was empty. So I needed to go to Target. I got the toddler dressed, and out the door we went. My face was incomplete and I looked a little sick, to be honest. We get to the Target parking lot before I realize my face isn't done. Thank goodness there is a thing of powder in my glove box. I put on a quick face, get the toddler's shoes on, and in we go. I stop at the Starbucks inside because again- Coffee.
 We start in the cursed dollar section. I give myself the usual Target pep talk... "You need coffee. You are literally here for K cups. NOTHING ELSE."
 The pep talk usually doesn't work. I see a "Paint Your Own" Marshall from Paw Patrol. It's snowing and this would be a good activity to do today. In the cart it goes. That's where trouble always begins... The stupid dollar spot. We start wandering the store, Tater has a cake pop and I have the nectar of the God's. Life is good. This is when the A.D.D. kicks in. -or OOO! Look, something shiny or on clearance. We make it over to the food section with only the Marshall in the cart. I forget why I'm there, but needed tuna, so I get some. We make our way over to the cleaning section. They have 5 dollars off 20 dollars of cleaning supplies. I can't ignore that deal, because I do need stuff. I pick up the cleaning stuff and make my way to check out. I get distracted and look at earrings, but don't buy any. I check out with my favorite cashier, and we talk for a few minutes. I grab my refill from the Starbucks counter and head to the car.
  If you're paying attention you realize that I did not get K Cups. I head home, put the kid down for a nap. All of my goodies are still in the trunk. I grab some water, and hand wash the dishes in the sink. I set them out to dry, and then start picking up the living room. Half way through that I remember my laptop was in the basement so I run downstairs to grab it. I tidy up the workout area, sort of. I bring my laptop upstairs. I tell myself I need to work on my book. I write 6 sentences, email a chapter to my MBFF (Mom BFF) 
 We talk about her babies, and how finding Mom friends suck. I remember how much I miss her, and go creep on her Instagram. I start writing again, and then remember I have a blog post to write. I ignore that post and start this one. I get up 5-24 times to do various other things. I realize that I am Dug from Up.

  Two hours later here I am finishing this post, so I can publish it. Nothing I was supposed to do is complete, but I'm slowly chipping away at it. 
Life is nuts. I'm going to go half ass vacuum my stairs, before I realize I need to replace the plug ins for my house. 

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