Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sweat for the soul.

 In my two years as a Mom I've learned some really interesting things about myself, and my body. When you have a kid everyone says that your life will change.  "Nothing will ever be the same."
 We've all heard it, and some of us have said it, too. Nothing is the same, but it's not like everything has this drastic change. Sure your heart might grow a few sizes, as well as your pant size. But not every part of your life, body, soul, mind, etc changes. As I notice more things that have changed, or not changed there is one specific thing that stands out.
         Why did having a child turn me into a sweaty beast?
Now I've always been a pretty sweaty person, but this increase in armpit tears is drastic. It started when I was pregnant. I would go from being freezing, to 40 shades of over heated instantly. I think all pregnant women do that, though so I wasn't prepared for what motherhood was saving for me. A few weeks after my son was I went for a walk. It wasn't a large walk, or strenuous in anyway... Yet, I was sweating like I just finished a marathon. As a panicky new Mom I went to my birth board and realized that I wasn't the only sweat ridden monster.
  Flash forward to this morning, where my day began with a small elliptical work out. As I was pretending to go really fast I noticed this really gross sensation... I felt sweat dripping down the back of my neck, and into my sports bra. I felt my forehead, that had somehow turned into a swamp of day old foundation, and broken dreams.
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 "Okay it's been two GD years, why am I still sweating like a mushroom under a heat lamp." I thought to myself.
 While working out I decided to google why pushing a kid from your crouch makes you so damn sweaty. APPARENTLY POSTPARTUM SWEATING IS A THING. It's only supposed to occur for a few weeks after birth, but many women experience excess sweating YEARS AFTER BIRTH.
  I finished my work out, in a flustered, sweaty manner. I guess I will just be sweaty forever.
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