Tuesday, February 28, 2017

F*ckery *NSFW**

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 Today is just one of those days where you need to shout a profanity from the rooftops. I would literally stand on the top of Mt. Everest and scream the 'f word', if I wasn't grossly out of shape. (But probably not because that is a lot of airfare, and exercise.) Having a two year old makes it really hard to just say "Oh fuck" when you need to. So here I am with a word document behind my Chrome window typing "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." over and over. I'll whisper it under my breath, but sometimes I'll say it loudly, with pride. Why is dropping a simple four letter word so damn satisfying?
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  Of all the swear words I think fuck gives you the most POW for your money- or bang for your buck if you're a normal person. It has that menacing 'FFFFF' sound, and an ugly k at the end. It packs a punch because we often refer to it as the 'F Bomb.'  It's also so versatile. It means so many things, and I use it for 90% of those meanings.  Oh you dropped something? Say fuck. You stubbed your toe on the GD bed frame again? Let out a nice little fuck. Your alarm clock didn't go off? Oh fuck! Do you want a beer, and a plate full of carbs? Fuck yes, you do!
 When it boils down to it, I'd rather hear someone say fuck, then punch a whole in the wall.
As a Mom we aren't supposed to get mad, or swear. You all know what I'm going to say regarding that and it starts with f! Fuck it! If saying the F word is the worst thing you do today, then you are ahead of the game. 
 Here is why I am saying all the fucks today;  It's really a crazy feeling when a huge part of your life comes tumbling down. My favorite mental health organization has had some issues the past few days. The CEO said some horrible, racist things. The CEO and board refused to step down, so instead they SHUT ONE OF THE FEW RESOURCES FOR MOMS SUFFERING DOWN. I'm going to say that one more time for the people in the back. 
 I have given so much time, energy, love, money, and emotion into this organization. I sent everyone I knew struggling to their website. I volunteered. I was an advocate for them, and for maternal mental health awareness. I lived to help these people.   This morning the announcement came that they were shutting down, and only one thing flooded my mind at the beginning. That thing was the word FUCK.
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  I don't feel bad for this swear word being my release today, or any day. Neither should you. So for whatever reason you are saying fuck today, say it loudly.  My heart is so heavy for the organization that saved me. Justice will happen.
  HERE is a hilarious video about your favorite word.
Enjoy your day.

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