Friday, July 8, 2016


  I remember first starting this blog, and talking about all of the things we have to "back burner" as parents. We back burner our social lives, our friends, and even sometimes the house work. I never thought I would back burner my blog. The truth is, I started this page so that I still had a piece of ME. When you give all you have to everyone else, you begin to lose yourself.
  I lost myself. I lost my hobby, and if we are being honest I lost my mind. I entered the "working Mom" class last August- and the more and more I kept it up the more I lost me. I gave everything I had to the little people at my job, then I would come home and give what was left to Tater. Leaving nothing for me, this blog, or any of my hobbies. I have a totally new respect for Working Mom's. Honestly I'm 400% sure that those who work, and parent are actually super heroes.
  June 30th was my last day as a working Mama, and boy am I relieved. When I woke up today I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to sit on my patio in the silence and write. So here I am- listening to George Strait and jumping back balls deep into what I love doing. My journey with work and motherhood was absolutely a hot mess, but I am after all a 'Hot Mess Mom.'
  Now that I've gotten gooey-ish I want to talk about Mom Shaming! YAY! Everyone's favorite dead horse topic. We are all guilty of it and we are all victims of it. Hell I did it at the grocery store the other day when two toddlers were running around- one without shoes, the other with ice cream all over him. I thought to myself "Dear god where are your parents?!?!" 
  Then I saw the Mom who had newborn TRIPLETS. Yeah. 3... Three brand new human babies, two toddlers, and what looked like a 7 year old. Her yoga pants had vomit on them, and she was completely overwhelmed. I stopped her, and asked if I could help. I had been there... Now I didn't have six kids, and 3 newborns but I was the overwhelmed Mom with a screaming child and vomit on her pants.
  Her eyes welled up with tears as I took this complete strangers toddlers to go get a free cookie with my toddler. To other people this might have been scary or creepy- but to Moms you just have to do what you have to do. I stood with her little people talking about dinosaurs, and Paw Patrol for twenty minutes so that Mama could have even just a minute of silence. Her oldest stood with the newborns close to my side. The Mama came back with a look of gratitude on her face, and hugged me. We didn't exchange names or numbers. We just supported each other in that moment. Moms supporting Moms.
  There will always be shaming, and dick heads in the world. But if we could treat one another just a little bit better- we could make this world a better place.
  I'm so incredibly excited to be back at this whole writing thing. I can't wait to see what this does for ME.

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