Sunday, March 6, 2016

The reality of poop

 It's really easy to be blinded by everything that is going wrong. This weekend was the prime example of that. This work week was hell. It was frustrating, and everything seemed to keep going wrong. Then on Friday I came home to an open garage, and an open backdoor. My dogs (who are natural bolters at any chance...) were inside the house safe and sound. I walked through the house to make sure nothing was wrong. Everything seemed to be normal, nothing was missing. Then I came across Tater's room. There was stuff everywhere. Nothing was stolen, but someone was clearly looking for something in his room.
  As a Mother, and a human being this is my worst nightmare. The idea of someone unknown in my home, going through my son's things. Things are 100% replaceable. The sense of safety in your own home is not something that is easy to get back. After the second round of officers came over I just sat in his room and cried. Why would someone do that?
  I really got sucked into the fast vortex of a shitty attitude. I failed to see all the beautiful people around us who offered their love and mental support. My best friend, A decided that we were going to go on an adventure the day after all this happened. I needed to get out of the house. I needed to go to a place where I could clear my mind, and fix my attitude. We started our journey with the idea of going to the zoo. That didn't happen. We ended up driving two hours north to our favorite restaurant. We enjoyed our favorite dishes, while laughing and enjoying the day. Our journey didn't stop there. With a tank of gas, and a wild hair we drove up to the "great" state of Wyoming.
We had no purpose to be there, but there we were. We walked around the historic downtown Cheyenne. The buildings were really fun to photograph, and the people were kind. We had the best cup of coffee EVER at the Paramount Cafe in downtown. If you ever have the chance to go order the Mary Poppins, it's worth it! Then on our way home we stopped for the best cinnamon rolls in the state.

  I guess my point is we enjoyed the comfort of being away from all the things that were crappy. Sometimes you need to get away from a crappy situation, even if it's just a few hours away. When you have crappy weeks it's important to step back and look at the beauty in the things around you. A crappy bland state turned out to be exactly what I needed. Thank you to A for going on an adventure with me.

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