Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The anti juggler.

I never really wanted to be in the circus. In fact the idea of being a "carney" at a circus completely FREAKS me out. Maybe that's because of the time I binge watched American Horror Story Freak show. Even though that's totally not the same thing! 
  But now that I've completely moved away from what I wanted to talk about let's get back on track... My life is like a circus right now, and I'm the clown that doesn't know how to juggle. The last few months have been filled with sickness, increased work loads, increased blogging opportunities and a decrease in patience. I feel like my mind is going 400 miles per second, but my body isn't able to keep up. How do I balance work, and house work? How do I keep the blog moving forward? I've really sucked with keeping up with the blog, and that breaks my heart. 
     How the hell do people do this with more than 1 child? To all you amazing people out there, bless you. I have no clue what the hell I'm doing.
  This past week was when I really saw just how badly I am at balance. Work has kicked my butt, and trying to get all of the new things we have going up and running is driving me mad. I think I'm starting to lose hair! 
  I need to learn how to juggle, and I'm not talking about throwing balls in the air (or am I??) So I'm reaching out to you, me valueable, loved readers. How do you balance this crazy thing called "Parenthood" because let's be real... none of us really know what we are doing. As my friend J says "Parenting isn't like painting by numbers." We all just kind of figure out what works! 

  Stay strong my friends! 
I'll be back tomorrow with some REALLY exciting news and updates about Raisingtater!

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