Friday, March 4, 2016


 Do you ever have a song stuck in your head for so long that it feels wrong singing anything else? That's the point I am at. I literally have the stupid 'Hot Dog' song stuck in my head, and it won't go away. Last night as I was closing my eyes to sleep all I could see was fucking hot diggity dogs... It's getting to a point where I sing it without realizing it. It just pops into my brain, and away my sanity goes. (Not that there was much left, but still! What the hell!)
  I've decided that the people who write children's are evil, sadistic, turds. Their writing process has to be something like this... "What will annoy the shit out of parents, but keep kids singing it forever? Can we put it to a 10 hour loop? That would be geniues!" Then I imagine they all share an evil laugh and start writing songs about hot dogs, or things that sound like the Daniel Tiger theme.
  I'm going to side track for a second here, but whoever writes Daniel Tiger is single handedly ruining my life. Tater loves that stupid tiger, and all the songs... "Just keep trying you'll do bettttteeeerrrr" NO. STAHHP.  *mumbles about the stupid tiger*

Happy friday to my amazing readers! I hope your day isn't filled with the hot dog song!!!

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