Saturday, February 27, 2016

Guest Post on ThermiVa

  So today I am doing something a little different! I was contacted about doing my first guest post on Raising Tater! This is super exciting!! So here is our first guest post, about vaginas!

Unhappy With Your Vagina? You’re Not the Only One!

It’s something rarely talked about but experienced by a large number of women: changes in the look, feel, and sensation “down there.” Yes, I’m talking about your vagina—and it’s time that more conversations were being had about these very real concerns millions of women have.

With aging, weight fluctuation, and childbirth often come unwelcome changes to the body, and your vagina is no exception. Unfortunately, because open and unbiased public conversations about vaginal rejuvenation are few and far between, many women are unaware that they now have proven options for improvement.

What impacts the appearance and tightness of the vagina?

The answer to this question is simple: the very same things that impact the rest of your body over time. Just as your face starts showing signs of aging or your abdominal muscles never seem quite the same after pregnancy, your vagina goes through multiple changes through the course of your life. There are a few main factors that can result in changes or even lifelong concerns with the vaginal area:

Genetics. If you’ve always felt self-conscious about the appearance of your vaginal area, your genes are a likely culprit. Genetics plays a large role in every aspect of your appearance, and that includes your most intimate parts as well.

Pregnancy and childbirth. Some pretty crazy things can happen to your vagina during childbearing. Hormonal changes, increased blood flow, and swelling are all temporary changes that can have a lasting impact. On top of that, giving birth can have a big effect on the strength of your vaginal muscles and tissues. All of this can lead to decreased sensation during sex and difficulty controlling your bladder.

Aging and menopause. Getting older is something over which we have very little control. Your vagina is made up of muscles and tissues just like the rest of your body, which means it is susceptible to weakening and sagging. Add in menopause, and you’re also likely to experience vaginal dryness, urinary stress incontinence, and difficulty orgasming.

In relatable terms, it means you’re probably experiencing (or may experience in the future) one or more of these thoughts:

  • Sex just doesn’t feel as good after I had kids.
  • I wish I could wear yoga pants, but I don’t want to walk around with a “camel toe.”
  • Everything just looks droopy down there after childbirth—it makes me uncomfortable in and out of clothes.
  • Peeing on myself every time I laugh or sneeze is embarrassing and inconvenient.
  • As I get older, vaginal dryness makes sex less enjoyable and even painful.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re definitely not alone—my patients have confided in me about these concerns for years, hoping for solutions. That’s why I’m so thrilled to now offer ThermiVa™.

So, what exactly is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is the first non-surgical feminine rejuvenation treatment of its kind to offer vaginal tightening without surgery or more invasive procedures. It uses radiofrequency technology to safely heat up your internal vaginal tissues and labia, which provides some immediate shrinkage and further improvement over time as your body continues producing additional collagen in the area. Basically, your vulvovaginal area will look, feel, and function better than before.

Traditionally, feminine rejuvenation was limited to more invasive procedures. While these options definitely produce dramatic results, some women don’t need surgery to see improvement—and many aren’t prepared to undertake the cost, invasiveness, and recovery of surgery. ThermiVa offers a comfortable, non-surgical option that doesn't interfere with your life. You can even have sex within just a day or two—and you’ll likely find it more enjoyable!

Moms Deserve to Feel Sexy Too

There are no rules that state mothers have to simply “deal with” the changes that come with pregnancy and childbirth. You can be a wonderful mother, loving partner, and feel fantastic about the way you look. With ThermiVa, there’s no reason for you to keep the lights off in the bedroom or wear extra layers at the gym—and enjoying intimacy more is something everyone can benefit from.

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious or are considering making a change, I encourage you to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon offering ThermiVa. A private consultation is a low-risk opportunity to learn more about the treatment, discuss your concerns with someone knowledgeable, and receive expert advice on what will work best for you.

I invite you to contact my office to learn more. My patients have been thrilled with their ThermiVa results, and I would love to help you look and feel your very best.

About the Author: Dr. Gregory Buford is a  Englewood-based board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in non-invasive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. His practice, BEAUTY by BUFORD, has been providing expert service and exceptional patient care to Denver patients for over 20 years. Dr. Buford is renowned for his expertise in breast enhancement surgery and he has performed more than 4,000 breast-related procedures over the course of his career. He has published several leading white papers on plastic surgery and is a premier expert trainer in the industry, leading CME courses and training seminars.

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