Friday, January 15, 2016

We did it!!!

Today is our final day! Now this post is really special to me for a few reasons. 
1) You don't have to physically clean anything
2)Mental healthcare is incredibly important to me. As someone who has suffered with anxiety her whole life, and more recently postpartum depression I think this is an important topic to cover.

  You really can't give anything 100% if your headspace is full of junk. As humans we all have a little anxiety about something. Addressing the issues you are having makes it easier to overcome them. There is no set steps to clearing out your headspace, which makes this the hardest challenge of them all. How we handle things is completely different than anyone else in the world. Sure we can buy all the books in the world, but we still aren't going to interoperate them the same way as someone else. 
  What works for me might not work for you, so you really have to find your own way. When my headspace is full of crap, anxiety, and sad thoughts here is what I like to do.
Step One: I find a quiet place to sit down. Sometimes it's outside, and other times it's in the bathroom which is the only quiet place in the house most of the time. If you have small children just make sure they are in a safe place.
Step Two: Breathe. In and out, up and down. How ever you like to breathe is how this is going to work.
Step Three: I close my eyes and imagine writing everything that is bothering me on a wall. The bigger issues are in bigger, darker pen. Then I pretend someone is painting the wall white. The words began disappearing, and I continue to breathe evenly. Sometimes this takes a dozen tries before my mind wall is completely clear.
Step Four: Handle what is bothering you when you are ready. Sometimes you just need to make it through the day. It is incredibly important not to keep things bottled up. Talk to someone... ANYONE. B is my greatest sound board, therapist, and guidance counselor. Find someone who will listen. 

If you don't have anyone safe to talk to please reach out to many of the free resources available, you can even send me an email.

For those of you that have trouble clearing your mind I highly recommend the app Headspace. It is so well designed, and an incredible resource. 

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