Sunday, January 3, 2016

We are half way there!

Ah day 6! I can't believe we are halfway done!
Today we are focusing a little less one you, and more on your significant other. Remember how we purged your clothes the other day??? Well it's time to ditch hubby's smell shirts. I found that it was more productive to just do it myself, and see if he noticed... He did not... I'm pretty sure he has no clue all of those gross holey shirts.
Step One: Start with Tshirts.... If you they are clean and have pit stains... BYE!!! Holes, grease stains, and other nasty unsure things also mean it's time to part ways. I left him two gross "yard work" shirts, but threw out what felt like 1000.
Step Two: Pants.... Again I left one hole filled pair, and got rid of all the pants I know will not fit.
Step Three: Dress shirts, flannels, and all those types of things. Same rules apply as the rules from when you went through your closet.
Step Four: This is the worst step... Socks & underwear. I threw out all of B's socks because they were so gross. It smelled so bad. Prepare your nose friends.... yikes!
Step Five: Pretend nothing happened!
 I recycled all of his clothes instead of donating or selling them. If you're husband has nicer clothes obviously sell them!

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