Monday, January 11, 2016

Wait, is that purple fuzz?

Fridge, oh fridge... why are you so full of stuff.
  After years of living in a place and grocery shopping week after week, we tend to accumulate a ridiculous about of stuff. Condiments and pickles galore is what is happening in my fridge right now.
So today we are going through all the stuff taking up valuable fridge space.

Step one: Like many of the previous steps in this challenge you need to grab a trash bag. I started my purge with the fridge door. There are all sorts of things in there that I don't even remember buying...
Step two: Pull out things from the door one by one. Check the expiration date, see if it's good, and see if it's empty. My husband has this habit of putting things back empty.. It drives me insane. If it is expired, spoiled or empty, away it must go!
Step Three: Move to the first two shelves. This is where I keep left overs. It's time to throw things away. If the container is fuzzy, bye. Don't even wash it. Tubberware is not that pricey, just buy more.
Step Four: the remaining shelves. Again, if it's expired, or you don't remember buying it set it free. That cheeseburger from your lunch last week isn't going to get eaten. Throw it out. The things that are good set on the counter
Step Five: Drawers. Same rules as above.
Step Six: Your fridge should now be empty. Scrub the shelves, drawers, and doors. Make that fridge sparkle!
Step Seven: Organize the remaining good items back into the fridge.

Enjoy a happy fridge

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