Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  To the Parents that send their SICK child to school,
 I get it, you work. Taking a day off to take care of your child isn't always ideal, so instead you send your sneezing, coughing, fever ridden small human to be babysat at school. I say babysat because they aren't going to do work or function today at school. They are going to ask half a dozen times to go to the nurses office to try and go home because they feel like garbage. They are going to stand by the pencil sharpener blowing their nose every 10 minutes for the whole day. Then as they are blowing their nose girls are going to go "EW" and then giggles will start. Before you know it 10 minutes are gone because you are trying to get everyone focused.
 What you don't realize by telling your snot oozing child to suck it up and go; you are creating a nasty chain reaction. First it starts with other kids in their class, before making it to the rest of the school. Then the teachers, office staff, paraeducators, volunteers, custodians, etc. Adults can function better than kids while sick, but not 100%! I can't give all my attention and dedication to my job when sick, and taking a day off is almost impossible with what I do. Not to mention the chain reaction of fake coughing when your kiddo starts to cough. Kids will do anything to go home, let's be real here! If your kid is hacking up a lung, and I send them to the nurse, 10 more kids start "coughing" and want to go to the nurse. That cuts into lesson plans, and learning time. You may think this sounds nuts, but the sick train is literally a domino effect for failure.
 A lot of my kids have new born siblings at home that are now getting YOUR sick child's germs. I know what that is like! Tater was in the hospital with RSV at three weeks old.
 Good hygiene, and prevention are never enough with young kids. Young kids require close and personal attention. They require  hands on help, and I have to clean up the supplies they use. As a parent, a school staff member, and a human being I am BEGGING you all to start keeping your sick kids home. I get that even with keeping your kids home there is still a chance of the viruses spreading, we live in a gross world where not everyone washes their hands. But if keeping your sick babies home decreases the chance of everyone getting sick by 1% I think that is worth it.  For love of all that is holy, just keep them home.
 A Mother, and worker who has been sick 3 times in a month.

 If your family is suffering from the cold/flu HERE is a link to my sickness prevention post, that includes my favorite soup recipe. It will warm your insides, and your snot dripping soul.

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