Saturday, January 30, 2016

 Remember that post I made about being the "World's Okayest Mom?" Well yesterday I wore that title proud.  It was an insanely long Friday for so many reasons. I've been battling some sort of nasty sickness all week. Running nose, sweating, sore throat, and no voice. I had to bring Wyatt to work with me all day Thursday, and I had to have him at the class that I teach Friday nights. Yep, I taught with little/no voice. That isn't what made yesterday so horrible. I went Target with Taterman (shocking, I know). When we left the store I did my usual routine. Stuff loaded in the trunk and then the baby in the car. As I was loading the baby into his car seat I somehow locked the doors. For some odd reason I put my purse in the front seat which I never do. I closed the door, and walked around to the drivers side. Locked.... All 4 doors were locked. 
I immediately panicked, and hollered at the first person I could see. I told her what was happening and she let me use a phone to call a locksmith. It would take them 30 plus minutes to get to me. The wonderful woman who came to my rescue advised that I call the fire department.  Within minutes two huge fire trucks pull in with the lights and sirens drawing the look of every single eye in the parking lot. Luckily it was Target on a Friday morning, so 99% of the parking lot was other moms. They all watched as three super kind firemen unlocked my car for me. Some had looks of sympathy on their faces, others were with judgement.
Multiple people came over to tell me that it was okay, and that it happens to the best of us. All while I was ugly crying my mascara off. It only took the Firemen about 4 minutes to break into my car. They explained to me that this happens once a day, everyday. I was thankful for the kindness I recieved from so many strangers, and I was also thankful that it was cold outside.
So the reason(s) I'm sharing this with you all is because listening to all sorts of other moms. More experienced moms even say that this happens to the best of us proves that the greatest parents are the ones who make the silly mistakes. It's okay to mess up! No one is the perfect mom. I still PROUDLY enjoy my title of "worlds okayest mom" especially after today.
Oh and the fire department is way faster than a locksmith, so there's a good resource for you.
 Live. Laugh. Learn. Keep parenting on, you lovely humans.

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