Sunday, January 31, 2016

I ain't lion!

 Yesterday at the Zoo I captured some really beautiful images of a lot of animals, including the new baby lions. As I was flipping through them this morning, and deciding which ones I actually like I came across this one. You see the Mother, and her two cubs. One cub looks like he is having a temper tantrum while the other is staring off into space, more than likely ready to run away. The Mother lion has this look on her face that says "Why for the love of god must you do this now?" You can feel her annoyance, and frustration. 
 I looked around at all the Mother's standing near me. Those with multiple kids were dealing with the same issues. One kid was running away towards some unknown location all while the other child is sitting on the pavement screaming. I was one of those parents with a screaming toddler who didn't want to be in the stroller any more. Shortly after this picture (all while there were like 6 toddlers near me throwing a tantrum) the Mom Lion looked our direction, gave us what looked like a sympathetic nod, and went after her cubs.
In that moment it hit me that a Mother is a Mother no matter the species. We all have moments where we have no idea what to do. 
We are MOM. hear us roar... or cry in our bathtubs after a long day. Same thing.
If you have the chance, make your way to the Denver Zoo and see these two beautiful creatures!

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