Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goo be GONE! 12 day De clutter challenge

  2016, you beautiful f*ck you! I can't welcome a new year enough!
So today is day 5 of our Declutter challenge! I skipped yesterday to spend the new year with my family, and I wasn't feeling so great so I couldn't clean. Let's just jump right into it!

There is a really good chance that you are/know a female who is a hoarder of bathroom products. No, I'm not talking about toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol... I'm talking all the shit we buy from the Target clearance section that you used once on a date in 2009. The make up, body wash, sugar scrubs, spray tans, bad lipstick, 5000 different hair products, oh and the empty bottles that are a plague to our shower shelf space.... We all know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact while I type this I can think of 3 empty bottles in my shower... We are all guilty of it, don't be filled with shame! It is however time to let go of the goo.
 Step one: Accept the fact that your bathroom is a disaster area. Remove all of the things that are cluttering your floor space... Mine was like 5 pairs of underwear, a baby bathtub chair, a scale, and B's robe. Throw that shit on the floor outside the door and handle it later. 
  Step Two: Find a trash bag. Clear out all the empty/almost empty bottles that haven't been touched in months. We are just working on the shower right now, don't get too over excited. If you actually haven't used it in MONTHS it's time to go. Bye Shower gel from that gift basket I got from 4 bosses ago. I shall smell you no more!
Step Three: After the shower is free of junk let's move to your cabinet/sink area. I assume that it's full of like toothpaste, and all that junk we talked about earlier... Let's follow the same rules.... If you haven't used it, toss it... If it's empty, toss it. If you have more than 2 products that do the SAME thing, it's time for some of them to go. Now, if these are like good products don't throw them out, give them to someone you love so it can take up space in their lives. 
 Step Four: This next step is a little more time consuming and messy. You are going to go through your make up collection. See if things are still good/not dried out. You don't need to keep that empty bottle of mascara in your bag. I promise! This step took me about 30 minutes. I literally tested everything I own. It was nice to clear out all the junk. I can actually see what is in my make up bag now.
Step Five: Go through any other space where you hoard things in your bathroom. Follow the same process as before, and don't give in!! If you don't need it, set it free!

After purging products I realized I needed a better system to organize my bathroom. We have one small cabinet and absolutely no counter space. I looked on amazon, and ordered this bad boy!
Find a system that works for you, and stick to it!
Happy New Year beautiful readers!!

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