Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9!

So it turns out decluttering your house is really hard when you're sick. This is taking way longer then it should! I'm sorry I keep missing days! Working, Mom-ing, and being a full time blogger is a little stressful!

  Everyone has a dirty laundry room, and if you don't, I almost can't trust you. It's super easy to have a cluttered laundry room, and we all do it. "Oh I only need these pants from this load" and then we leave the load somewhere else. I also always forget to through empty detergent bottles away so I have a collection...
 There is also dirty clothes on the floor... So here is how this is going to work today.
Step One: Grab a laundry basket. If there are any clean clothes in the laundry room, and take them to the living room where you can fold them all.
Step Two: Throw out any trash, lint, clothes that are ruined, and what ever else it is that you are hoarding in there. This should leave you with just dirty clothes in there. Today is the day we pound all this laundry out!
Step Three: Separate your laundry by "type". Households, lights, darks, delicates, and baby. Here is the hard part... You actually have to do all the laundry today. No slacking off, and doing it tomorrow. You need to clean that room today.
Step Four: Wash your clothes!!!!!
Step Five: After all the clothes are done, and put away go make sure there is nothing in there. If you use your laundry room for storage as well make sure that system is organized. I bought a utility shelf off of Amazon, and it was life changing. HERE is what I bought.

 The real challenge is to keep the laundry room clean. Never take more than a load down at a time. I don't care if Great Aunt Hilda is coming over, and you need to hide your laundry... hide it somewhere else!
The total time for today's challenge took me 7 hours.... It was a good Saturday chore.


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