Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 8, feeling great!

  So I missed a day again... I know.. I'm a mess! But this time wasn't actually my fault! I set up for an auto-post for day 8, and for some reason it didn't work! Technology is only great when it works...
Let's just jump in to our challenge!

  Today's challenge is a little tricky and might not apply to some of you. I know most men keep their car spotless, but as a Mom it's often hard. I have to much crap in my trunk right now it's insane... and I'm not talking about my butt, either. We are going to declutter the Mom-mobile today!
Step One: Decide where this challenge would be easiest for you. I chose to do mine at the car wash because of the access to a vacuum.
Step Two: Get a trash bag... My car is kind of gross, so be prepared for the worst. I found things I didn't even know existed... Oh an a lot a cherrios.. I started in the back seat. Clear out all the trash, toys, wipes, baby/child objects until all that is left is fabric.
Step Three: Move to the front of the car. I also chose to clear out the glove box and center console during this step. I had a lot of mail, and straws in my glove box... Don't hoard things. Just let it go. The only thing in the glove box should be insurance, registration, a manual, a flash light, and if you have one of those window breaker tool things that's okay too.
Step Four: It's time for the trunk... Yikes. I really thought something was going to bite me on this one. Keep only what is necessary. This part isn't hard, just gross. If you have a lot of things you need to keep, but them in a trash bag for now. Every part of your car should now be empty. Make sure you remove the floor mats too.
Step Five: Vacuum that baby out.... The WHOLE thing. Every inch! Once you are done vacuuming put everything back into that car and be on your way!

Easy enough right!?

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