Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 7 is the hardest!


    Lucky day number 7! I can't believe we are 7 days in to this. I hope you all have had a happy week with a little less clutter. Going into my closet is like a dream, truly. Today's challenge is harder then I would have ever imagined. Today is the day of the kid purge. Now my little person has no idea what is happening when I get rid of his toys. I assume that when you have older kids this is a lot harder.
 The hardest part of this day for me is parting with clothes that no longer fit... Going through all the little itty bitty sizes broke my heart. I remember when he wore such a small size... In this process it is okay to save things that truly have a piece of your heart. Also, if you are saving them incase of another baby.
 But there are still some things that should not be saved, hence the reason we are purging!
Step one: Let's talk toys. Tater was 100% spoiled rotten for Christmas. We have toys coming out of our ears. When I started thinking about what could be put away/ given away I thought about what we haven't used. There were toys that we purchased when he was a baby that he has no interest in. There were some that just never got played with. I had about 10 infant toys total, and I kept 3. The rest went into a donation box.
  Then there was things that he loved, but are very cheap to replace. His tummy time mat was one of those things. It was still in good shape, so I could have sold it to a consignment store, but I'm choosing to give them away to local charities. Bigger, more expensive things like his excersaucer I chose to keep, breakdown, and store in a proper/convenient location.
Step Two: I have stored all his clothes by size. I have a box for each size, and it's filled with wonderful clothes that Tater will never wear again. I got very emotional opening these boxes. It took me longer to think of a system to get rid of things, then it did to actually do it. I finally decided to get rid of things. I chose to keep all of the things that meant something. Then I went through all of the stained things, and put them in the box. If they were too gross I threw them out. No one wants a onsie with a shit stain up to the shoulder.
  Then came the things that weren't special or stained. I decided to keep all of the Carter's brand items because they are  incredibly expensive for baby clothes. All of the other brands I decided it was okay to give away.
Step Three: Find a location to take your baby clothes and do it now. Don't let them sit there for weeks... That will only make it harder. I called the W.I.C. office and asked what charities will take baby items. I was directed to a list of woman and children centers. When I called about the clothes they were desperate for baby items. The woman I spoke with was in tears when I told her all that I had. This is an excellent opportunity to give back all while doing something for yourselves.

  Today's challenge took me a whopping 5 hours to complete because I kept having to stop and cry. It's hard letting go, but it also is nice when you think of all the things you can buy in future!
 You can go HERE to find a women's shelter in need near you!
Happy Decluttering!

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