Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 11: Declutter that Garage!

 Day 11 is here at last! Sorry this has literally taken what seems like 1000 years.
Today's challenge I can't really tell you how to do because everyone's garage is so different. Your garage might be filled with Baywatch memorabilia, as to where mine is filled with boxes that we packed up three years ago. It's time to start purging the unwanted/unused.
  I started my clearing the floor in the garage of any dust, and garbage. If you have a shopvac or a push broom that would be helpful.
 We have shelving units in the garage that literally are just filled with boxes. Once your floor is clean pull one box down at a time. If you are a wimp like me ask a man to pull them down, and check for spiders. B laughed at me with every box. I would move as far away as possible when he took boxes down. Spiders are a real danger!
  We went through every box and decided what to keep, and what to donate to charity. It was actually kind of a cool afternoon. We looked at things we haven't seen in years! It was fun to laugh and reminisce all while cleaning out useless things! So since you kind of have to go your own way with this one I am adding two simple steps.
Step One: Find the Motivation to clean your garage
Step Two: Enjoy a nice beer afterwards!
Easy enough, Right?

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