Thursday, December 3, 2015

Play Dating...

  Dating always totally sucked. You have to find someone who shares mutual interests and beliefs with you. Someone who you are comfortable with, and just generally enjoy the presence of this other human being.  I thought this whole "seeking someone" thing was over when I got married to the man my dreams... It turns out finding "Play Dates" is a lot like dating... Also, it is so hard to find play dates... There needs to be like a Mom Tinder.
  There is so much thought that goes into this whole "play date" process when you've never met this person before. You wonder what the Mom will be like, and how you will interact with her?  What is they don't vaccinate????
  What about the kid... What if the baby is a total jerk? What if my kid is a total jerk? Do I smell weird? What if I get forehead sweat?! What if I have to poop??
  Yeah... All of that ran through my head well I was driving the 2.6 miles to my very first almost blind playdate. Luckily I had been talking to this Mom since September of 2014. They crazy thing is we belong to the same birth board on BabyCenter. We commented on mutual posts. A few months ago there was a post about finding a Mom friend. Basically people were sharing the cities they lived in to try and make connections with local people. I know... Not the safest idea but what the hell. We were both in the same city! We messaged one another for a few days and then moved our conversation over to Instagram. We had discussed getting together but between Holidays, sicknesses, and just down right busy lives we kept putting it off. This week we FINALLY scheduled a time to get no only our kids together, but us too. I read her blog, so I already knew we had mutual interests, but they still didn't change the fact that I was nervous.
 I told B and he so kindly pointed out the fact that this lady could totally be a serial killer. I rolled my eyes and said she, "She seems totally normal."
His response then was "I bet that lady who stabbed the pregnant woman from craigslist seemed normal too." REALLY?! That totally made my anxiety better... NOT.
  But regardless of my nervous diarrhea and anxiety I got into my car, and headed over there. My hands were clammy as I turned my steering wheel into her driveway. "I can do this." I muttered to myself. I got Tater out of the car and saw her standing in the doorway. I was as nervous as a 15 year old boy picking up his first homecoming date.
  Then it happened. I came inside and there was no chainsaw or weird torture device. There was not crazy mural of Nicolas Cage on the walls. In fact the house was beautiful, and smelled like Christmas. We brought the babies into the living room, and hit it off. We talked, laughed, and I generally enjoyed her company. I did it! I survived my first play date!
  I never knew going on a playdate would work someone up so much. Who knew that "Mom Dating" was totally a thing.

  With my first "blind play date" out of the way I totally feel more confident with doing all this again.

Thank you, J! I had a blast!

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And here is another picture of our kids being adorable!

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