Monday, December 28, 2015

De-Cluttering, the 12 day Challenge

    Shit. It's not just poop my friends. Shit can really be anything... Literally ANYTHING. I know it's the first word to slip out of my mouth when something goes wrong. Or if there is a mess I shout "Where did all this SHIT come from?!"
It was this morning when I realized that my whole life is just full of shit that is crowding my home, my head space, and to be honest my email!
  Let's talk about the house. When you have a kid, it's like your whole collection of stuff just triples. I didn't realize just how much stuff we had pre baby, and now with all of his stuff... Holy mother of God. We had a lot of shit before Christmas, and now it's just plain out of control. Tater was spoiled rotten on his first Christmas. We have so much stuff, I'm not even sure what to do with it. There are toys, and clothes EVERYWHERE. It's a little overwhelming....
  Now let's talk about headspace. I am a chronic worrier. Like I worry about really stupid things that NO ONE should worry about. I am a stress monster, and an anxiety queen. Luckily since I started using Thrive products, my head space has been clearer, but I still worry about stupid things. I worry about finances ( like any normal human being) I worry about Tater, and any new noise he makes scares the daylights out of me. I just worry.... constantly.
  Finally... My email. This may not seem important to most people, but email is kind of ruling our lives. We are all guilty of signing up for those restaurant loyalty cards for that free appetizer. We sign up for our favorite stores programs, even ones that we NEVER shop at. We sign up for discounts, coupons, and just random ass things that we are interested in for 30 seconds. I am the worst offender of them all, because I live for a good bargain. I don't even shop at 90% of the places I get emails for. I don't remember my last Victoria's Secret purchase, and I'm pretty sure I have never purchased anything off of Overstock, yet I get the emails, and coupons at least 3 times a week. All I do is delete the email, and move on to the HUNDREDS of junk emails I get a day. I never read them, just waste my time hitting delete, or I let them pile up to a ridiculous amount... like currently there are 786 unread emails in my inbox. This is insane and it NEEDS to stop.
  As much as I would love for this massive declutter to all happen in an hours time span, that is not possible with a husband, a baby, and two really needy/gross dogs. Decluttering my/our life(lives) is going to take time. You can read all the Pinterest posts you want about "Organize your life!" but that doesn't mean you're going to ACTUALLY do it.
  So let's do it my lovely readers. Let's declutter our lives TOGETHER. This isn't going to be easy, and it probably won't be fun. This is a 12 day Declutter guide that I will be doing with YOU. We all are going to make bullshit resolutions that we are going to give up in February any way, so why not do 12 days now, and actually DO something, instead of doing nothing! I will be doing a post each day for the next 12 days. This is a Challenge! Meaning I WANT to hear from YOU. Tell me what is, and what isn't working. I will start with an easy Challenge and each day will get a little harder.
Here is Day ONE!

 Day one. THIS IS EASY, and will take you no more then an hour all together. Like I said above, my email is a hot mess. Between all the emails from stores and coupon websites, I was wanting to shop daily. I can't pass up a good deal.... So I was spending money I didn't NEED to spend. Then there are the Restaurant emails.... Oh Olive Garden has 15 percent off? Hell yeah! Discount pasta that is like 4000 calories! WOO! 
  I am all for discount carbs, but when I'm trying REALLY hard to lose weight the temptation was easy to fall into. Plus looking at creamy pasta while trying to eat spaghetti squash is just sad... Down right, mean if you ask me. Plus I'm signed up for every darn restaurant email you could possibly think of! 
  So let's go with Step one: OPEN YOUR EMAIL! Simple enough, right? I prefer to do this on an actual computer, and not a smart phone. It does take longer on your phone but it is still possible!
Step Three: Scroll to the very bottom of the message where the Terms and Service nonsense is.
Step Four: Find the button, or area that says UNSUBSCRIBE. That word is key to this whole operation.  I've even attached a screenshot to show you where it is.
I used Children's Place as an example, because I'm tired of spending so much money there.
Step Six: This will open up another tab on your browser. Don't close it. Go to the new tab and read the instructions for unsubscribing to the website. Sometimes it's just a click of a button, other times you have to enter in your email, and click "Yes take me off your damn list" like 5 times because they REALLY don't want to see you go. 
Step Seven: Repeat with ALL of the junk that you signed up for. Not seeing their "special coupons/deals" will save space on your phone, save you money, and could help you eat a little bit better. It's time to break up with the nonsense. It was hard for me to say goodbye, but my ass and bank account will thank me! 
Step Eight: Enjoy a free of clutter inbox!

   Taking the time to do simple things like this will hopefully help us all better our lives. Living in clutter, whether it is in your home, or on your little smart phones is frustrating, and overwhelming. Check back tomorrow morning for day two! After all 12 days are finished I will be turning this into one long blog post for convenience. The reason I'm doing it day by day is because looking at one list of 12 different things to do is frustrating. You feel like it WILL never get done, and that's okay. Let's take this one day at a time.

  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Holiday season. Thank you so much for staying loyal to me even when I haven't been posting regularly. Your support is wonderful!
If you want to have the mental clarity I do please visit Watch the video, or send me an email. Let's get your YOU back.

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