Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 2! Bye Bye Apps!

                                                                  Good Morning!
   I'm a little scattered this morning, if we are being honest. I went to the gym, in an on going effort to declutter my stomach fat from my body. So far, we are moving slowly, but I will get there! When I got home from the gym I crashed HARD. I got more sleep then I have in years. I found a Leslie Knopp GIF that perfectly describes what I'm feeling right now.
                       She totally is my spirit animal. Amy Poehler, I love you.

  Anyway! Let's get on the ball for today's post before RepTater awakes from his gentle slumber. DECLUTTERING! Today is day two of my 12 day challenge. I talked about my many reasons for doing this in yesterdays post. If you missed it, scroll down and read that before you read this!
  Yesterday we decluttered your email. Which may seem stupid, and a waste of your precious time but I promise you, it's amazing. Although I miss seeing the Olive Garden food porn, my large butt and small bank account are nothing but thankful. I mentioned this yesterday, but "shit" (clutter) accumulates everywhere. It effects not just our messy storage closets, or our bedrooms.... It takes up space on our phones, our computers, our houses too, and also our head space. That one is huge for me. The challenge for today isn't just to clear your cell phone, but it's also to help clear some head space from clearing your phone.
  Personally I think we ALL spend way too much time on our cell phones... We don't communicate face to face anymore. We are becoming so technology dependent that it's effecting our relationships, and our entire social lives. I'm a very guilty offender of having my phone in my nose more than I should. I get sucked into these stupid games, and into social media. Candy Crush and Hay Day are slowly taking over my "free" time. I read Apps like BabyCenter, B is constantly on Reddit. I sit on Instagram for hours. It's wasteful, and constantly seeing what other people are saying or doing is making us jealous, anxiety filled creatures. We have all become technology zombies.
  Let's talk steps!
  Step one! Open up your phone and go to your pictures. This is where I have my biggest clutter problem. I have countless screenshots, funny memes that I use in conversations with my sister, and other stupid things that no one needs to have access to at all times. DELETE THEM! I don't care if they are funny, you can always google it again.
   Then for the more important photos, I add them onto my computer and export them to a flash drive where those memories will be safe. There are only 50 pictures that never leave my phone.
Step two!  Let's go to your text messages. I am the type of person that never deletes messages. The first part of this step is unsubscribe to any text message offers you get. I get Kohls, Sports Authority, and a few other random ones. If you don't still have the messages in your inbox, delete them the second you get another one. This is the same thing with unsubscribing to emails. Typically you can just text back stop, and boom! Text messages no more!
    Now to delete real messages. The only messages I will never delete are from my husband, and my Dad. I cherish those texts like a security blanket. If someone texts me and there is no conversation for 24 hours, the message thread gets deleted too. Any text that gives anxiety goes the second I've done what the text needs me to do (i.e. texts from my boss). There is no reason you should let them sit, and stew there.
Step Three! APPS. If you spend more time on an app then you do talking to your spouse, it's time for that app to go. If you have an app that you downloaded and never use, it's time for it to go!
  Photo Editing apps? You only need one. Stop hoarding them like they are gold.
 Let's talk Social Media apps... I run a blog, and am currently trying to build my social media accounts to have the same amount of attention that the blog gets. I put my life out there for my viewers to see, but that doesn't give me an excuse to be a technology zombie. The best piece of advice I can give you is deleting social media apps. It is so easy to get sucked into to others people drama, and nonsense... Delete the Facebook app so that way you actually have to log in to cruise through mindless status updates and pictures of food. Or if you have self control, limit yourself to how much time you get on social media a day. This stops you from getting so involved that you start getting frustrated or grouchy because of OTHER peoples problems.  This clears the head space of other peoples stupidity, and your own stupid frustration over social media drama.
Step Four! Delete those voicemails that have been in there for MONTHS. Save the special ones, and purge the others.
   Now with all of the free space you have on your phone, here is an app that should get some more attention. The app is called Headspace. There slogan is "A gym membership for your mind." It's free to download, and to sign up. There are in app purchases you can make, but the basic app is free, and awesome to use. It's a meditation app. I'm not talking about weird humming on a mountain top, but you an do that too! It's time you can spend just clearing your very cluttered head space. It's an app that is actually useful, and that I don't mind taking up space in my life.
  You can download it through the App Store for Apple, or Google Play for Android.

  This is another really simple way to begin decluttering. Tomorrow we actually start decluttering your home! Each day is going to get a little harder as the 12 days goes on. I hope you all have an amazing day, free of nonsense.

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