Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Card Failure

  I've done Christmas Cards in the past, but this year is special. Super special. This is Tater's first Christmas! So naturally I wanted our cards to be 100% perfect. I wanted a sweet family photo in the middle, and the rest of the to be Tater.  I set up a really Ghetto Fabulous backdrop for the photos. I used a black comforter, and white Christmas lights. I also added a little owl that has a whole lot of meaning to our family. Oh, and a W because I thought it was super cute!
  I got Tater man in his sweetest outfit, and began attempting to take photos. Taking Christmas card  photos with a small human that wants to shove everything in his mouth is almost impossible. Every 3-5 seconds I was removing the lights from his chunky little fingers. It was almost an out response for him. Like "Oh, these could electrocute me?? LET'S EAT THEM!!" Literally... in between pulling lights away from his word hole, I was trying to get the perfect shot. That was so frustrating..... Either it was too dark, or the camera was too shaky, or that little monster kept moving just when I thought I had the perfect shot.  
  Then B got involved. He tried to help me out so I could focus on the camera. He was doing all the dirty work. Trying to get Tater to smile, or sit still. He even pried the lights from his hands as needed. After about 25 minutes of not getting a single usable shot, we were all getting frustrated. Tater again, picked up the lights and brought them toward his mouth. B intercepted the lights by using his own finger... Ouch. 
  I did happen to capture that moment though... of course. So this is what we refer to as "outtake 1"

 After this we gave Tater a little break. He was absolutely done wearing clothes (hmm... I wonder where he gets that from) so while I treated B's flesh wound, he managed to rip off all of his clothes. Like completely naked small human. 
 Me being the crazy person that I am, I decided diaper shots would be adorable...
yeah.... That went well.

The point of this post is to tell you that Christmas cards with an almost toddler, are basically impossible. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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