Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Great Pajama Hunt

  Let's talk shopping! More specifically, baby clothes shopping! Deciding what brand of baby clothes you like is always difficult. It's hard wanting quality clothes, but not spending $16.99 for one pair of pajamas. (I'm talking to you Carters!) Now when you hit amazing sales it makes things so much better, but if you are in need of pajamas stat- what do you do?! Well don't worry my loyal viewers, I have the answers.
  Today I'm going to be reviewing/rating different brands of pajamas both footed, and not footed ones. Tater (being the chunky man that he is) is in size 12 month nonfooted pajamas, and size 18 month footed pajamas. Kid has some chunky, long, and wide feet. Poor kid has my feet, it's tragic. If you saw my post about teething products the pajamas are going to be ranked the same way- On a scale of 1-5 for quality of pajamas. 1 being the worst, 5 being the best. I'm also going to include a 1-5 dollar sign rating. 1 being the cheapest price, 5 being the highest! It's pretty simple. Hopefully this will give you a guide to what you really want to buy. If I can save this trial and error for someone else, I'll be happy. **Please remember every baby is different. What works for our family may not work for yours. This is JUST a pajama review, this in no way reflects how I feel about these brands when it comes to normal clothing. I also was not paid to endorse any of these companies, nor did I get my jammies for free.**

Carters - Rating: 5/5  Price: $$$
Carters is typically the end all, be all of baby apparel. You can find a variation of Carters brand basically in every single store. Even my Kroger sells sets of Carters Pajamas. The issue is that if you don't catch them on sale, they are pretty expensive. Target is very high priced for Carters, but shopping on their website or in their outlets can usually get you a great deal. They also have a rewards system that helps you build points for a percentage off. The footed, and open footed pajamas are long lasting and don't stain easily. Plus they are SUPER cute. Right now They are having a sale on there website for $10 Pajama sets, and 4 piece sets for $14.00. Below the listed price is the MSRP price- so you can see the savings you are getting. You can shop pajamas at Carters HERE!

Gerber Toddler Pajamas - Rating 3/5 Price: $

 Gerber is a household name. Chances are a good majority of the sleep and plays you used for a smaller baby were Gerber. I didn't know they made Toddler apparel until I was searching the web for well priced pajamas. Like most Gerber products they stain SUPER easy, and it's hard to get said stains out. Another thing that I don't like is how thin they are. Even the "thermals" seem surprisingly thin. The arm length also runs small. For $12.99 you can get two footed sleepers, and for $7.99 you can get a thermal pajama set. These are the prices from Target.com. You can shop online for Gerber at Target HERE, or on Gerber's clothing website HERE.

  Child of Mine by Carter- at Wal-Mart- Rating 4/5 Price: $
  I feel like going to Wal-Mart is against my religion. I can't STAND Wal-Mart. Everything about it just makes me want to day drink. However, (and this hurts my soul saying this) I do like their baby section. They are really well priced, and with Tater growing the way he has Walmart has been my destination for cheap baby shirts, and sweat pants. For $7.44 I can get a fleece, footed, Child of Mine sleeper, instead of the 15-16 dollars you would spend at Carters. The fabric is the same great quality that all Carters pajamas are, but I have noticed the stitching isn't as high of quality. But that being said- they do last! (Tater has a small tear on his inner right thigh but that was after 10+ wears, and was super easy to fix. You can find them both in store, and online HERE.

Walmart Character Pajamas- Rating 2/5 Price: $ 

  So again, going to Wal-Mart hurts my soul, but doesn't hurt my bank account. They have Character pajamas starting at $5.94. Some of them are actually pretty great. They are basic cotton pajamas, they stain, but clean easily, and they don't shrink to bad in the dryer. The ones that feel like T-shirts are great. but then there are these ones that feel like stiff cotton balls... I actually HATE the texture. It completely freaks me out, touching them makes chills run up my spine. If you stink with the cotton ones though, you won't be disappointed. Now with most products from Wal-Mart they begin to fall apart after about 10 washes, but for 5 bucks, it's a steal. You can find them HERE.

The Children's Place- Rating 1/5 Price: $$$

Normally, I love the Children's Place. They have killer sales, and I like the quality of shirts, and jeans, hell even the socks are awesome! But I actually hate the Pajamas. They are so not true to size, and they just have a weird texture. Also, if you put them in the dryer they will shrink to like half the size. Plus you are paying 12 dollars a piece for those bad boys! No thank you! If you want to experiment with them you can do that HERE, but trust me... they suck.

Old Navy- Rating 3/5 Price: $$$$

Like Carter's- Old Navy is REALLY great when you can hit a sale. They do have frequent sales, especially close to the holiday season. However, not a sale they're STUPID expensive. The blue pair above is currently on sale, mind you... for 20 DOLLARS! Holy freaking crap, I don't even spend 20 dollars on my Pajamas. The red pair is on sale for $12 which is better, but still horrible. I do like the material, but they seem to run large in weird places. If you can get them on sale, do it. If not, skip it. Find them HERE.

Gap Kids- Rating 1/5 Price: $$$$$
Holy FREAKING crap. When I first looked at he price of Gap Kids pajamas I wanted to cry. $26.95 for pajamas?!?! Oh hell no. I refused to even try them honestly... For almost 25 dollars those things better wipe Tater's butt, and clean the kitchen. No thank you. Find them HERE.

There are a lot more brands out there but these are the most popular in my region, and they are the easiest to find! I really love Carter's, and I always will. They key is to shop sales, and hit up local consignment stores! Being a Mom isn't easy, but it can be cheap! 

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