Sunday, November 8, 2015

Target, you beautiful creature.

Photo : Lynne Sladky AP

   So I posted this on the official Raising Tater Facebook Page, but I can't contain my excitement. You all know my insane love for Target, and all it's glory... I was so pumped when they started putting Starbucks inside Target. I could coffee and shop all in the same place. It truly was/is a beautiful thing. Things are getting even better! ( I know, I didn't think Target could get any better but it is!) Imagine walking through Target with a glass of wine in your hand. You an elegantly stroll from isle to isle, sipping delicately on an adult beverage. This would be a perfect world. This is not a drill folks! Target is going to start serving booze!
  Target has confirmed to USA Today that a store opening in Chicago will serve beer and wine to it's shoppers! That's right folks.... WE CAN TARGET AND WINE....  Literally the only thing that could make this better was if Target opened outlet store full of clearance items!
  Where has this glorious thing been all my life?!?!
Here is an exert from the USA Today article.... Prepare to have your life changed Moms!

"Chicago residents could have the chance to get tipsy as they walk the aisles of a new Target store opening this fall.
Target confirmed to USA TODAY on Monday that it has applied for two liquor licenses for a store planned to open in October in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood. The company would not provide further details. The licenses haven't been approved yet.
While many Target stores already sell alcohol to take home, Target applied for both a Package Goods license and a Consumption on Premises liquor license for its new store, according to city records.
The store will be a smaller-format version that would have formerly been known asTargetExpress; Target decided to drop its TargetExpress and CityTarget branding earlier this month in favor of simply the name Target for all stores but said it's not abandoning its plan for more urban-focused spaces." - Source USA TODAY you can find the full article HERE

Hopefully they will roll this out nationwide. Target, I love you

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