Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holiday Survival!

 Ahh the Holidays!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the holidays?!?! No?? Well I f***ing LOVE the holidays!!! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas. I seriously walk around the Christmas section of Target for hours. That's how much I love it! 
 Sadly my husband (who is an extreme lover of Thanksgiving) won't let me decorate until after Thanksgiving... Eye roll. It makes me sad, but I love him enough to hold off. 
   But anyway, back on track. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever winter holiday you celebrate is literally right around the corner. That means there is a really good chance you are going to have to see your in laws! Now this isn't always a bad thing. I got really lucky with the family I married in to. Personally, I love all of my in laws but there is one who always has to mention my weight, and Hitler. It's my Mother in Law's Mom. She is.. something. She is like an untamed lion in which we poke with a stick.
  One of my favorite Christmas memories with my Mother in laws side of the family was Christmas 3 years ago... I still laugh at this, but you all might not find it as funny.
  My oldest sister in law, we will call her A. She is both my sister in law, and my best friend. We were all sitting at the table during Christmas Dinner, "Grandma" (I've never heard any of her grandkids call her anything but her first name) was being her usual know it all self, and giving my husband a lecture on Hitler (seriously every holiday she brings up hitler). She also happens to be a chain smoker. My sister in law (like most people including myself) hates cigerette smoke, and can't breathe very well around it. "Grandma" goes to light up a cigerette and is asked to step out in the garage. Of course she makes a big deal out of it. Then the golden moment happened...
A snapped, and it was really hilarious. It feels like it all happened in slow motion... A stands up and says
"We ask you to step out side because it makes me sick, and if you don't like that... You can Fuck OFF!" 
  We all kind of sat there trying to not laugh. My Mother in Laws face was like Ralphie's Dad in The Christmas Story.

  I really do love my in laws, so I don't have to survive the holidays. I enjoy getting to spend time with so many people that love me like their own kid.  So when talking about in law survival,  I took to the internet and asked all my friends what they did to get out alive. I got some really hilarious responses, and some really helpful ones. 

Survival Tips
  • "Wine and Xanax. Just Kidding... but I could probably use both. I die a little inside every time my MIL touches my kids." J
  • "My tip is to do whatever it is you plan to in the future when little one is older. If that plan is to have a family Christmas at your house in the morning or evening or New Years Eve stick with that now, because otherwise anything you do the first year your in-laws and family will expect you to do the following and it's a lot harder to change later.
    We learned this the hard way with our first and it took us forever to be able to have a separate Christmas just our little family without any fussing from other family members."
  • I usually go to one of the rooms to nurse, baby falls asleep and I stay there watching her for as long as she sleeps... Even if they don't nurse just pretend they do." 
  • " BOOZE. Yep that's about it"
  • "I second the booze. Nothing makes a Mother in Law more tolerable than spiked eggnog"
  • "Be firm with what you want. If your kid goes to bed at 8, but they don't want to start eating until 8:30 too damn bad! Your kid, your rules. Don't get walked on."
  • "Genuinely try to enjoy yourself. Your in laws may be nuts, but nuts is fun"
  • "Oh no the baby is fussing, we need to fly home now."

These were just a few of the gems I was sent. How do you survive the holidays?!

I'm really excited for all the craft posts I have for the holiday season! It's going to be magical here at Raising Tater!

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