Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting ME back

 I think we've all been at a point in our lives where we just feel beat down. I wake up every morning and run to my Keurig hoping it will save me from the endless amounts of tired that I feel. I drink cup after cup of coffee hoping that I will feel something. The more cups I drink, the more my anxiety goes up. I feel slightly more energized, but let's be honest. I'm still a Zombie most of the time. If we are being 100% honest, I'm a cranky ass zombie. 
 Since having a baby my whole body has been completely out of whack. I physically, mentally, and emotional feel off. Between the post partum depression, the existing anxiety, and the constant hate for how I feel- I've completely lost who I am. I hate glancing at myself in the mirror, and I hate that I'm no longer the Sammie that I love. I feel like I'm not the woman my husband feel in love with any more.
 I've tried multiple things to help me get back to who I was. (mainly physically) I've boughten in to every MLM "Skinny, Miracle, Snake Juice bullshit" that I could find. The only thing I learned from those is what doesn't work. The wraps work for maybe a week, the green tea pills are totally a placebo, and last like 4 hours. After feeling defeated I realized I don't need a quick fix. I need my body to do what it is supposed to do. I need to not only lose weight, but I need to mentally get my shit together.
So then this lovely lady who has been my friend for a while contacted me about this program she's been using to get her life back. At first I was skeptical, as I think we all are with these companies. We've all tried the snake juice at least once. 

 Then I tried it. I put my patch on, took my vitamins, and drank my little mix. This wasn't magic snake juice, or the "quick" fix. The energy that I've been given has made it so that I'm not a complete Zombie. I'm starting to feel like the person I truly want to be. Not to mention, I haven't even had the need for a cup of coffee. I started feeling mentally able to handle the day, and my emotions weren't flying around. I was able to come home from work, cook a nice meal, and even spend some quality, non grouchy time with my husband!
I'm incredibly excited to start Thriving!  I'm now promoting this AMAZING line of products. So instead of looking for your quick fix, or miracle skinny wrap, come do something that is actually good for your whole body, mind, and soul! Let's get your YOU back.
Ask me about Thrive! 

You can visit: http://sammieprescott.le-vel.com/ or email me at sammie@raisingtater.com
Let's talk about it!

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