Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Waffles, Tears, and irrational emotions

  I'm a total crier. Meaning my first emotional reaction to pretty much anything is to cry. I have to be between a 3-6.5 on the emotional scale to not cry. I have cried at some pretty ridiculous things... Being pregnant was a crying nightmare. There was one night where I really just wanted waffles. I even dreamed about them, in a really steamy, strange, food porn way. Like my dream literally looked like this...

  It was probably the weirdest dream ever... Anyways, that dream made me want waffles so bad, that it made my insides hurt. I rolled my very pregnant self out of bed, and shuffled into the kitchen. I grabbed everything I needed for waffle batter and started mixing. I was so ready for those damn waffles. I went to look for the waffle maker, and that's when my world was shatter. WE DIDN'T HAVE A F***ING WAFFLE MAKER. After literally removing everything from every cabinet searching for the waffle maker I could have sworn we owned, I accepted defeat. We did not have a waffle maker. So many emotions were spinning inside of me. First I was enraged at the lack of waffle maker, then the tears hit like a train. I collapsed my whale body to the floor, and SOBBED. This was an ugly, snot bubble out of the nose, full blown sob. Of course this all happened at 1 o'clock in the morning, so my poor husband came running to the kitchen in a panic. He sat on the floor (once he knew I was okay) and held me well I blamed all the problems in my life on not having a waffle maker. This incident made me realize two things; 1) I needed a waffle maker. 2) I have the most patient husband in the whole world.
  We call this incident The Great Waffle Meltdown of 2014. So for christmas my sweet best friend decided that I had to have a waffle maker... It rocks.
  Anyway, the point is that in my lifetime I have cried over some really ridiculous things. I thought I was the most ridiculous crier until I had a kid... Seriously babies cry over the most ridiculous things... It can get so frustrating because usually when they cry, it's because you took away something that was going to harm them.
 So now that you all know my embarrassing waffle story, here are 10 ridiculous reasons why my son has cried today.

  1. I wouldn't let him eat the dogs chew toy
  2. I wouldn't let him eat the Tabasco bottle
  3. The dog wagged his tail
  4. He threw is binky across the room
  5. My phone vibrated
  6. I turned the sink on
  7. I put cheerios on his high chair tray
  8. He couldn't eat his foot
  9. I wouldn't let him eat a diaper
  10. He pooped

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