Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

  Labor day. What are you? You are the end of summer, and the last day that pumpkin spice lattes aren't served. You are the last day to wear white, and you are a three day weekend for most. In 1894 President Cleveland made Labor Day a federal holiday. Today celebrates the strength of labor organizations. Well at least it did in 1894. Now we use it as a day to do nothing but BBQ good food, day drink, and enjoy the company of our loved ones.
 The name Labor Day really just made me think of having babies this year. (Obviously because my whole life revolves around babies, boogers, puffs, and poop) Then I got to talking with my online Mommy squad about the things that really make you feel like a Mom. We all have those moments where we take a break from whatever ridiculous thing we are doing, and say "Wow... I real AM a Mom...." I know that you have been there... We all have. Then we started listing all the things that have solidified the fact that we were parents. Obviously you aren't a Mom when you get pregnant, or go in to labor. Even when your bundle of joy arrives you are never "truly" a Mom until you wake up with a Mini oreo in your armpit, or a Puff stuck to your forehead.
   Of course that isn't true but sometimes the whole Mom thing hits you at weird times. You realize that you do strange things, and have odd things about your day that really make you say "I am SUCH a Mom."
 So in honor of Labor Day, here are some of those "Oh my god, I'm really a Mom" moments. These are brought to by my "Band of Bitches"

You know you are a Mom....
  • When you get excited about someone else's bowel movements 
  • When going to the grocery store alone is almost as good as a vacation
  • When clearance diapers literally make your day, causing you to victory dance in Target
  • When you honestly forget what hot food tastes like. 
  • When you don't remember the last time you didn't have to share the food from your plate
  • When you literally CRY over spilled milk
  • When pooping is no longer an independent activity
  • When you dream in Fisher Price cartoons-Screw you "Puppy"
  • When everyone comes to you to find their stuff. You know exactly where it is, and when it was used last; but god forbid you look for something of yours... You can never find it.
  • When your bag is filled with Baby wipes, snacks, and toys...But you don't have a kid with you.
  • When you have stashes of binkies EVERYWHERE
  • When you literally can do ANYTHING one handed
  • Seriously... Anything
  • When you can put baby in PJ's without moving him from your chest
  • When gettting human fluids on your shirt isn't a big deal, and you just keep going
  • When you have eaten more baby food then you would ever care to admit
  • When you've washed your crockpot more recently than you've washed your hair
  • When your washing machine is literally ALWAYS going
Lastly, you know you are a Mom when you love someone so much, that you would literally do anything for them.

Stay safe and make good choices this Labor Day!

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