Friday, August 21, 2015

The Mysterious 'Mom Tantrum' Oh, and an appearance by my Chins

  Kids say some really silly things. They also tend to do some outrageous things, like throwing massive fits over the dumbest things ever. Just today I saw a kid who was probably 2 or 3 throw a fit because his Mom was buying a big gallon of milk, instead of the small one. I'm not talking about a small crying fit either. This was a MASSIVE full blown melt down. He dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes, and screamed so loud that I'm pretty sure NPR picked up the frequency.
  I have never heard such an Earth shattering scream come from a human being. After his Mom tried to pick him up, he screamed even louder (which I honest to God didn't think was possible). He flopped around the hard tile of the dairy section like a fish on a dock. I could see the embarrassment, the defeat, and the frustration in this poor woman's eyes. I walked over to her and she threw her hands up in the air. 'What the heck do I do?' I had no answer for her, but I told her what isle the 3.2 beer was in. Her son finally stopped flipping out when she showed him a bag of Doritos's. They walked away both red faced, and moving quickly.
 Watching that floppy little kid made me think about all the things that go wrong in a day when you are a parent. I mean I know that internally I throw a temper tantrum every time the brand of milk I buy isn't on sale. I never actually throw a temper tantrum. At that point I got distracted that they had a giant clearance section, and forgot all about Floppy, fish boy.
 Flash forward a few hours to nap time. Tater was down, the house was silent. I decided to waste some time on the interwebz, instead of tackling the pile of laundry that is forever growing (I'm pretty sure it's starting to form a mind of it's own.) I saw a post of a bunch of pictures of kids having tantrums for no reason. I was laughing so hard it hurt! They all had captions as to why the small human was crying. My favorite one was about a little boy and a red balloon. I've attached it below.

   After I finished laughing, I again thought of the boy from the store. Then my mind wandered back to adults, and how we handle shit situations. What if every single time something went even remotely wrong, adults threw a tantrum? How would you react to that? I know that if I would be completely caught off guard. So instead of just putting this thought away and moving on with my life, I contacted my 'Band of Bitches' with this genius idea. I wanted to create some photos (staged of course) of Mom's having total melt downs! I asked my friends if they would help me out, and they did!
  Now these Mama's are some of my favorite humans, and I would be lost without them. So without further rambling here are me, and my friends having full blown, grown ass woman, adult fits.





Tater Mama 
"A" again, I love her shoes.

Me and my Chins.

   Well there you have it folks! This is what Mom Tantrums would look like. If it was socially acceptable for this to happen, I would totally do it. It felt good dramatically throwing myself on the floor, making ugly faces. I think it was healing to my grouchy heart. I will have more to of these really fantastic images to post for you all later this week, but in the mean time- ENJOY MY CHINS.

*A special thank you to all my Mom friends, and to "I" for helping me out with the photos!*

 Send me your "Mom Tantrum" photo! Hell, I'd even love to see some Dad tantrums.

  Happy Friday, you majestic folks.

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