Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's get physical.

  I'm officially on week 2 of my weight loss journey. Each day is getting a little bit easier, and a little bit harder. I'm absolutely ashamed of what I would do for a bacon cheeseburger right now. As I'm sitting here eating my nasty ass 100  calorie greek yogurt (HURL... I hate yogurt more than anything) I'm realizing just how dedicated to this whole weight loss thing I actually am. Normally I fall off the wagon around 10 days, but I'm power through!
  I'm incredibly proud of how well I've managed to stay on the wagon. So here are some things that have helped me keep going.

 I've always been a snacker. Cheese and crackers is my favorite thing in the whole universe when it comes to snack foods. I've been trying to avoid dairy all together so when I feel snack-y here's what I've been doing:

   Green Peppers Strips, Baby Carrots, 5 reduced fat wheat thin crackers, and 2 tablespoons of Hummus. The texture of the hummus almost makes it seem like I'm eating cheese so that helps satisfy those cravings. It's a pretty well balanced snack, and keeps me going until my next meal. This works great for post workout hanger. (Hanger- when you are hungry AND angry) If your area has a Sprouts Market, I recommend getting your veggies there. The prices for organic and non organic veggies are just amazing! I couldn't be more pleased with my shopping experience there.

  Luna bars! I recently discovered the delicious goodness of these friends. I usually can eat half at a time so that way I'm not consuming so much at once. Half keeps me going! Sometimes if I'm crunched for time, I'll eat one for lunch. These replace my urge to eat a whole sleeve of oreos. My local Kroger sells them for 10 for $10 but I can usually find a coupon on line for a dollar off when you buy 5!

Vega Protein Smoothies: Now, I'm not going to lie to you... These things taste like straight up ass. I hate them so much. However, they are a really great meal replacement and they are all natural. You can buy single shake packets in different flavors. The one that I've found to be least disgusting is doing the Chocolate one, but instead of adding almond milk, add black coffee. It makes it like a less gross frappachino, with a 10th of the calories! The berry flavor is seriously Satan...

Yogurt: I hate yogurt more than I hate Nicolas Cage... The taste is fine, but the texture just kills me. I've been buying the Evolution Fresh yogurt by Dannon. It's not the worst, but I really just hate yogurt.

  Meals have been really hard in this house, now that I'm eating better. B is a total steak and potatoes kind of guy. Getting him to eat vegetables is damn near impossible. So of course I'm having to make two different meals that are kind of the same but different. The other night he wanted burgers. I made a ground beef patty for him, and a ground turkey patty for me. Instead of a bun I used iceberg lettuce, and instead of cheese I used feta. I was incredibly happy. Well he ate chips I had low fat cottage cheese and carrots. I watched him eat his bacon burger, and my heart was only a little sad. It's the small changes that are truly adding up.

  We talked about how much cardio sucks in my last post. I've been doing more walking, and more strength stuff at home. Squats, tricep dips, sit ups, planks, lunges, push ups, burpees can all suck an egg. I hate them, but they are working. Each day I can do a little bit more without feeling like death. As a Mom, I'm sometimes pressed for time. I've been doing my squats in the shower, and I do everything else well everyone is asleep still. It's working out in my favor.

So what do you do when nothing is working???

I've always had a slower metabolism, and losing weight takes me forever. I brought it up with my doctor to see what she suggested. She recommend a pill called Phentermine. It's a prescription that aids in weight loss. If you are struggling with weight loss talk to your doctor!

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