Saturday, June 27, 2015

Changing tables

An open letter to every place of business, and to Moms.
I (like every other mom in the world) hate sitting at home. I like to be out doing things, whether it's shopping, getting lunch with an old friend, or going for a walk in the park. When I do go out I see a lot of other people out with infants and older children. Babies are everywhere! In fact I counted at least 15 other children under 1 today when I went to our local Best Buy. You would think that because children are everywhere you would find changing tables stocked with liners, and they would ideally be clean. This is not the case. Everywhere I have been recently there are never any liners in the changing tables, and 90% of the time they are COVERED in poop. I get that shit literally happens, as a Mom I clean up poop ALL day, and I do keep antibacterial wipes in my purse. But this has been to the point where I don't feel comfortable laying my changing pad on there let alone my son. 
Today I pulled down the changing table in this BEST BUY( a national chain mind you) and guess what? There were no liners, it was covered in dry, crusty shit. The cleaning log on the wall was from the week of 4/1, and had no signatures. It says they are supposed to be checking bathrooms every hour. There was no possibility that the poop on the table was only an hour old. HOW IS THIS AT ALL OKAY??? You have hundreds of families walk in and out of your doors each day, you can stock printers, tvs, soda and supplies but you can't wipe down a changing table and stock it with liners? This isn't just an issue with Best Buy either. I've seen this happening at Target, Dicks, and even Babies R Us. I always bring it to the attention of the staff, and no one seems to give a flying fuck.
Now these places aren't just to blame. It's not like employees are in there smearing baby poop on the changer. So this is also on parents. If your kid shits on the changing table DON'T JUST LEAVE IT THERE???? If this is how you treat a public facility, I'd hate to see what your home looks like. Would you want your son/daughter laying on a table with someone else dump on there? So why not take the two seconds to wipe it off. There is absolutely no excuse. NONE. 
The last part of my rant is about places without changing tables. SERIOUSLY? Chipotle is the biggest offender. I have yet to find a Chipotle restaurant with a changer in the bathroom. Do corporations not realize that people with babies actually like to leave their homes? Do you know how hard it is to change a poopy diaper well using your own lap as a changing table? If you don't have an age restriction on your place of business there is absolutely no reason to not have a changing table. If you have high chairs in your restaurant, or shopping carts with places for a child you NEED to have a changing station. 
Becoming a parent doesn't mean your life just stops. You do everything you would normally do, but you also have a small person with you. 

I'm sorry for the rant today. I'm just so incredibly annoyed at what happened. For all my fans I do have some exciting news! Raising Tater officially has a Facebook Page! And I've been chosen to start giving honest product reviews on some of the things I use. I'm sorry I've been a little absent from here lately! I no longer have a laptop and it's incredibly hard posting on an iPad. 

I will be posting on here and the Facebook more frequently. I can update Facebook from mobile, so now you can get your daily fix of me on the go! Head on over and like my page!

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