Saturday, May 9, 2015



  I hope you all are enjoying Mother's Day weekend, I know I am. I do apologize for not posting yesterday but it was rainy and cold so I used that as an excuse to do nothing all day. You all know that Friday is my favorite post day but yesterday just wasn't going to happen.
 So here I am this lovely (still cold and wet) Saturday, drinking my coffee and holding a very cuddly Tater man. (I've said it before and I'm saying it again leap 4 can eff off) Well of this is happening I'm thinking of the crumby advice I've gotten in the past couple of weeks. Now that my child is bigger, and now that I look less tired people have put their two sense away. As peaceful as going shopping is, this makes #momtips harder each week!
I know once he's a toddler I'll hear more wonderful advice. Anyway, now that I'm rambling, and such I'd like to get started on some bad mom tips! I mean that's what you're all here for right?!

"I'm celebrating my sons 5 month birthday. We got him a carrot cake because the doctor said he could have vegetables. There is no sugar in carrot cake. #MomTips"

"We are practicing baby led weening with our 4 month old. You don't have blend the food just let them swallow whole chunks of bananas. #MomTips"
"If he is losing his newborn hair and it looks funny, just shave it off. #MomTips"

" Ketchup packets are good teethers. #Momtips"

So if you're ever having a bad day or have a "blonde moment" at least you aren't these people!
I will be making a special Mother's Day Post this evening. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR PEOPLE CARDS AND SHIT. Appreciate the woman who gave your ass life!


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