Thursday, April 2, 2015

World's Okayest Mom

     Before having a baby we are all prepared to be the "World's Greatest Mom". We decide how we think we are going to handle situations, and problems we run into. We plan on having structure, and time to make sure we still look good. Later on, we will be the Minivan (gag me with a spoon) driving, kool-aid making, ultra Mom that we see in the films. We plan to bake our own bread, and hope to be the Mom that all the other ones envy. Well, that is a load of crap. I know that I am indeed not the World's Greatest Mom, I am totally okay with that. As of right this second, my hair is 3 days dirty, I'm in yoga pants, and I haven't put my eyebrows "on" since Monday (sorry Mama Q).   
  This morning Tater was just having a bad morning. He just wanted to cry, giggle, or giggle and cry at the same time. From 5am-7:30am he just giggled none stop, which meant I wasn't able to go back to sleep. He finally took a nap around 8am... I slowly drifted off into dreamland where I was woken by the God awful sound of B's alarm clock, at 8:45. "What the Fuck!" shot out of my mouth like a cannon ball. Tater was now awake, now screaming, Mama needed coffee, and B couldn't find his jeans anywhere. I fed, changed, and loved on the Tater all well finding pants, making a cup of coffee, and packing B a lunch. (We've cut out fast food, soda, and are doing the stupid ab challenge, maybe my want for a Dr. Pepper is why I'm so crusty). 
     Tater calmed down enough to go into his bouncer, and I finished cleaning before the insurance adjuster came to the house. He came, and went easy enough right? Wrong. The second he left T began screaming so loud and hard, the kid turned purple. I tried everything and that still wasn't doing the trick... Finally I said "Fuck it!" I grabbed him, and his bouncer and brought it into the bathroom. I set the bouncer across from the shower and turned it on, closed the curtain, and laid little man down... Instant silence. I slowly crept away from the bathroom, to run to the comforting arms of my Keurig. I brewed a fresh cup of coffee, and sat on the couch, and cried. At this moment, I suddenly became okay with being the Worlds Okayest Mom. As I'm coming to this realization, I feel better about all the lazy parenting I had done this past week. Just because I'm not the "Worlds greatest Mom" doesn't mean I'm not the best mom my son could have. So to all my "Okayest Moms" I raise my coffee cup to you.


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