Monday, April 13, 2015

Things that make me lose faith in society.

  Every single time I log onto the internet I seem to find some of worst baby products ever. What is worse than that is seeing people actually use them. I'm really unsure why these products are even a thing.
So here is some stupid for your Monday folks!

  I would like to start off with this little gem. Yes, you are seeing that correctly. That right there is an inflatable ring you put around your infants neck so the can "Swim". I wish I were kidding here, but you can't make this shit up.  
  So why have safe bath time, when you can just pop an inflatable collar on your crotch fruit, and call it good! Safety first.  
You can buy an assortment of these "safe" baby swim rings from -> Here  Not that I would EVER recommend doing so. Seriously... Why is this a thing?

Next up we have the Baby Mop


Again, you really can't make this up. I am all for 'lazy parenting' but this is a little extreme. So here is my question, do I just dip him in Pine Sol and let him go? Maybe I should give him the spray bottle of cleaner and just have him spray as he goes! 
  I bet I could just turn the shower on, and stick him in there so he can clean it! All well wearing the Baby Swim Ring. You can buy your very own -> HERE

Baby Cologne
                                                    Johnson's Baby Cologne, 6.6 Ounce
So I think we can all admit that this was not Johnson & Johnson's best idea... I get it. Babies stink, but the last thing I'd want Tater to smell like is cologne. I mean are you for real? Maybe if you're Persian this is just a training kit.. Sorry... that was bad.
You can find this on Amazon.

Writing this post really hurt my insides. Society, you win.

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