Monday, April 27, 2015

Taylor Swift, Cyber Safety, and Hate Mail


   Hello all my lovely viewers.
I'm sorry I took a few days off from posting, I was dealing with a crazy Internet person, and some cyber security issues. I felt it was best to extract myself from the interwebz for a few days. With that being said, I just want you all to know that the information you can find on the Internet is scary. You should all practice safe Internet habits!

 Anyway... So I missed #MomTips Friday, I know I totally SUCK. I will make it up to you all this Friday and do an extra long one just for you! I'm also planning on finally releasing some new T-Shirt Designs this Thursday! So that is also something to look forward too. Now that we are all caught up let's jump right into today's post!

Hate Mail, and all the other things I don't give two shits about.

   This past week I've gotten quite a bit of hate mail. Normally people are hurt by it, or they pretend it doesn't bother them (secretly they dwell on it in their bathtub listening to this.)I have to say that getting Hate Mail is one of the most humbling things I've ever read. I know that by no means I am 'The World's Greatest Mom" we've been over that before! But when I have a few days where my views are high, the comments are good, and people tell me I'm hilarious I tend to get a little cocky. (I do find myself pretty funny, not going to lie.) I also tend to do this thing where I love to tell people just how funny I think I am. I know I'm not that funny, but when people stroke your ego you all know what happens!
  Those hate emails really put me in check. I think as a "normal" mom, hearing you aren't doing a good job is shattering. To me, I find it hilarious! (I mean of course it stings, but once I realize I'm doing everything I can to be a great mom, I laugh) I'm not going to share who sent me these lovely emails, but I will say what some of them said, and I would like to reply publicly.
 I'm a little appalled at this one, the direct quote was "If you keep using such foul language you will be cursed with a gay son"
  I wish I was kidding... The kind of narrow minded folk that wrote this left me stewing for a few hours. It was not because I was afraid of my language or the threat for a gay son. I was upset the fact that having a gay son is a threat for someone. Who gives a flying fuck if my Tater is gay! All I want is for him to be a good person, I don't care who he loves, as long as he is loving other human beings.
Also, about my language... Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. So thank you for that...
  Another one I got said "You are the most unfunny thing that has ever happened to the Internet. Get rid of this trash I doubt anyone reads it anyway." I get it, I'm not every one's cup of tea. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DRINK THE BEVERAGE I POUR. I was humbled by this one because it made me realize I'm not funny to everyone. It takes a special kind of snarky, sarcastic person to find me funny. If you aren't much into the snark, or sarcasm this really isn't the place for you. If you want to continue reading, that is totally fine! I am not forcing you to read what I put out on the Internet, you do have your own free will to be here, or not be here.
  The final little chunk of hate mail came from a long email I got about everything that was wrong about my parenting style. "The picture of your son being fed in his car seat by a stuffed moose disgusts me. Holding your child well feeding them is crucial to them growing up to be a loving person. Things like that are what make sociopaths"  
  All I have to say to that one is, what???? I hold, snuggle and play with that little nugget all day. I am constantly being touched, thrown up on, drooled all over, and even shit on... If I want to have one feeding where I rig a stuffed moose to hold a bottle, I guarantee he will be fine. I wanted to eat my damn burger without him screaming at me. I'm totally not sorry that my lazy parenting offended you.

I do apreciate all of you that have taken the time to give me feedback. Like I said, there is nothing more humbling than people saying that I suck! I try my hardest not to offend people, but sometimes that happens, one day you will get over it.
 To all of those that love what I have to say, I thank you for being so loyal to me, and this website! The amount of views I have increases every day, and for that I love you all!

To everyone who gets told they are a horrible mom...

And remember that you are awesome....

Sorry... I'm a Taylor Swift Gif binge today.... But seriously, haters gonnnnn hate, and tater's gonnnna po-tate.

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