Friday, April 10, 2015

#MomTips Friday

Today is easily my favorite day of the week. Not only is it Friday, but today is the day I post one of my favorite segments! #MomTips is the worst pieces of advice that I've heard this week. I add the "hashtag" to it because I think this is the most outragous thing to ever hit social media. I really hate the hashtag. (maybe Nicolas Cage came up with it)
 Anyway, this weeks lovely section is special today. Two of them came from things I've heard, and the rest were submissions through the website Baby Center. Thank you to all the wonderful submissions!

"The lactation consultant told me to supplement with formula... My baby was 20 hours old. #Momtips" Submited by Cersela

"My husband wears the baby well riding his dirt bike. He clearly loves his baby, and yours doesn't. #MomTips"
"My grandma was going to come over when the baby was two weeks old. She came down with something, and insisted the baby was immune... super annoying #MomTips" Submitted by Kitty F.

 "I give the baby orange juice. It makes him stay awake longer #MomTips" This one came from a lady at the grocery store. Her son was born in January.. 

That is all I have for today folks.... If you have any mom tips you'd like to share, please do!
Hope you all get an adult beverage tonight!


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