Saturday, April 11, 2015

0-3 Month Survival Guide

  Good Morning! It's a beautiful Saturday morning where I am at. I'm sitting at my kitchen drinking my coffee (shocking, I know.) thinking about just how fast the last three months have flown by.In seems like just yesterday I was getting sent home from my failed induction, and it seems like there is no possible way that my sweet little Tater is now three months. Where does the time disappear to?
 Anyway, I wanted to talk about some really important things I've figured out about the first three months of a baby's life. Every baby is so different, and I honestly do believe I was blessed with an easy little guy. I did however go through the sleepless nights, the crying, and the overall frustration of wondering if you really can do this whole mom thing. Honestly, if I can do it I believe anyone can. Here is how I managed to make it through the first three months without running away to Sweden.

Month One
 This was by far the most challenging. You go from having this giant belly, to all of a sudden having this screaming little person who you aren't sure how you can love this little being so much. Most people are scared of their first night home, I couldn't wait. You could say I got blessed and Tater was put in the NICU for 8 very long days. At first I was so mad, and scared. I had done everything during my pregnancy to make sure this little man would be happy and healthy. I know look at things a little different. The NICU absoluetly sucks, don't get me wrong. Yet at the same time I'm grateful that our first week of parenthood there was always a nurse there to show me how to do things correct, answer all my dumb questions, and support me in every way they could. Those 8 days were the greatest education I have ever gotten. When we finally were released I felt so ready to have that little man in his crib, in the nursery I had worked so long on.
 We got home at 3pm, feed our little man, and laid him in his crib. We did it. We made a human, and they even let us bring him home. We high fived victoriously, and cried. Since he was in the Nicu he was on a pretty regular schedule of eating every 4 hours. After his 9 p.m. feeding I crawled into my own bed, told myself  "You aren't going to sleep for a long time, get over it." and that's what I did. I got over it. Every 3 am feeding I just remembered that we worked so hard to get to that point.
  Next thing I knew we had T home for two full weeks! I held him in my lap when he started coughing. Then the coughing turned into a weeze. I turned into one worried mama. We rushed to the Children's Hospital ER. I BEGGED them to test for RSV. They refused. We were sent home with the impression it was just reflux, I knew that wasn't right.The next morning it got worse... Back to the ER we went, and again I begged for the test and was still refused. I felt defeated and called the Pediatrician. She brought him in for a test, and it turned positive almost immediatly. There we were, headed back to the NICU.
  Had I not trusted my gut, we might have lost him.
  After that I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. I broke down... I sat on the floor and cried so hard that a snot bubble the size of Texas formed on my nose. Gross. I got even more frusterated that I was upset. I wasn't supposed to get warn down! I threw my hands in the air, looked at B and said "Fuck it!'' I then took a nap instead of doing the mountain of dishes I had. Needless to say I felt better.
  So let's recap: To survive the first month:

  • You have to remember to honestly just suck it up a little. Put on those big girl panties, and change that baby at 3am. This doesn't last forever
  • Trust your gut! No one knows your baby better than you
  • Don't be afraid to just cry. Sometimes that is the best way to realease all the frusteration of not sleeping.
  • Also, dropping the occasional F bomb really does help, trust me.

Month Two:

   Month Two is honestly a little bit easier. You know that you aren't going to sleep, or eat, or maybe even shower. You've more than likely embraced the Mom Bun (that's when you haven't washed your hair in three days, so you throw it up on top of your head without giving a single fuck) and I bet you have a little throw up on your shirt. It's okay... So do I. At this point I was more comfortable with taking the T out of the house. If not GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU GO CRAZY!  
   It's important to start getting back to normal. No, nothing will ever be the way it was but if you want to go spend an hour walking around Target, do it! Strap that baby in a stroller and go for it. It's important that you start doing more human things, like socially interacting. We even went as far as getting a sitting (My sister) for T and going bowling. It was fantastic! If you aren't comfortable with that then take 10 minutes well the crotch fruit is sleeping, and paint your finger nails, or do a work out tape. (I've never been a pusher of exercise, but since starting the 30 day Ab challenge I feel better and better each day). You are human, and deserve to do normal human things.
  If you are lucky like I am, your baby will start to sleep through the night. I won't ever forget the first night it happened. I laid him down at 9:43 p.m. The next thing I knew my 5:30 alarm was screaming at me, and by alarm I mean baby. I ran out of bed, without looking at the time. I went into the kitchen to get a bottle, and looked at the clock. I said "Holy shit!!!" a little louder than I probably should have. B ran out of bed to make sure I wasn't hurt. I told him that our little T slept through the night. We high fived, hugged, and danced in the kitchen. We were accepting that this was probably a fluke, and absolutely would never happen again. We are on week three of sleeping through the night, and each morning we still celebrate this like it's new. Celebrate the small victories, friends. They are worth it. 
  Coffee. That's all I need to say about that.
Again, we will recap; How I survived month two:
  • Start doing more Human things
  • Embrace the Mom look
  • Celebrate the small things
  • Coffee. Seriously. 
Right now we started Month 3. I'm taking things one day at a time, as always. I do promise to edit this when month 3 is over, and share all my secrets. I do know one thing, and that thing is again... COFFEEEEEEE it is your friend.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Saturday, and your crotch fruits.


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