Friday, March 27, 2015


  If you know me in real life, you will know that I HATE hashtags, especially when they are used seriously. The only time I will ever use one is when I am making fun of them. (Such as, #Imtoooldtohashtag, or #itusedtobeapoundsign) so for my new Friday posts I'm going to be doing a section called #MomTips. 
   Every Friday I will post a few of the golden advice nuggets that I've either been told, or read this week.  
   "You can just put your baby bouncer on the kitchen counter. Don't worry about strapping him in. #MomTips "

   "You can make your own formula. You ned organic milk, sugar, and olive oil... The most expensive kind. #MomTips"

  "If your milk supply is low you can just apply for WIC. #MomTips" (I seriously wish that one wasn't real. I have nothing against WIC. This conversation was about breast milk supply... This is what was said)

  "If you use bad language, your baby will be gay. #MomTips" 


  1. I couldn't believe my eyes reading that one! I can't even comprehend that level of stupid!!!! I keep reading it hoping i misread it, sadly I didn't! (Samb27 here!)

    1. With these mom tips we shall all become excellent parents!
      I dont know why Samantha says that its stupid...